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  1. Two days later and it appears the brew has failed to start fermenting. I threw another packet of yeast on to it tonight. I predict this experiment could be headed for the scrap heap.
  2. 100% correct. The more you drink, the more you save. Sound economics, Spursman.
  3. In the past, at a rough estimate, I would have spent a minimum of $2500 p.a. on bottle shop booze. That doesn't include $7-$10 pints (in SA, schooners elsewhere) I'd indulge in regularly at the local pub or the dollars pumped into poker machines. You could easily double that amount and possibly more that I have blown every year on booze and bets. Since I started home brewing I probably spend less than $1,000 a year including equipment. With the combination of pubs closing through Covid and my newish hobby I rarely go to the pub these days. I bet mainly online on the nags. I'm not foolish enough to say I win more now but I definitely lose less than I did on pokies. So if my wife ever says anything about my brewing (she doesn't) but if she did I'd quickly remind her I'm now spending less on beer than she does on soft drinks. Footnote: I empathise with those who have suffered badly from Covid restrictions but personally they were a financial boon. I was able to continue working, broke an expensive habit and massively reduced our household debt.
  4. Short on time, I had to add another litre of cold water and pitched at 30C. It's now a 12 litre brew. Set ferment at 20C. Fingers are crossed. OG 1.030
  5. It's experimentation time at Muzzy's place. I'm making a very primitive seltzer from ingredients I had lying around the house. 500g Dextrose 500g Cane sugar Fermenting yeast - 7g Coopers R3559 yeast left over from a tin of Brew A. I didn't use it for the beer as I used reactivated CCA yeast for that. Yeast nutrient - 7g Coopers R0007, left over from an APA tin, boiled for 15 minutes. Boiled the 1kg of sugars together with 5 litres of filtered water. Then topped FV to 11 litres with filtered water. Risky, I know but it's an experiment. FV is in the fridge waiting for the wort temp to drop into the 20s so I can pitch the yeast. Currently at 36C. It better hurry up and cool down because I have to go to work in an hour. Might have to pitch at an unfavoured higher temp. Rookie error using 5 litres of boiling water for a brew of only 11 litres. Hey, I did say it's an experiment. I will post pitching temp later when it's done.
  6. Thanks Jim. Happy to be corrected as I have no idea how to use spreadsheets. I was basing my guesstimate on a 1.7kg tin and 1kg of fermentable usually getting us around 4.5% after bottling. I figured another 700g would get near 6%.
  7. @PintsAtMeLocal Head retention will be excellent without any extra fermentables. You're making something similar to Russian Imperial stout. Sorry I don't know how to calculate ABV on those brewing spreadsheets that others use but I estimate you'll end up of around 6%.
  8. Yes, when putting sugar first you can control the foaming as you fill. Too much foam? Stop filling. Let foam settle. Continue filling. I have a preference to post-prime so the bottles are filled to the maximum level before drops are in. This way I get maximum maximum level. Aside from the aforementioned stuff up it's also a bit quicker than waiting for foam to settle on pre-primed bottles. I've also noticed brews bottled colder (cold crashed) don't foam up as much but I don't often cold crash.
  9. Memo to Muzzy: STOP BEING A SCAB! When bottling I prime bottles after filling them with beer. Sometimes, especially when I haven't cold crashed, the beer foams up rather rapidly and creates a gusher. So I need to get the carb drops in and lid on very swiftly and this usually works without issue. However today after using all carb drops from one bag I noticed all the crumbs of sugar in the bottom of the bag and thought, "Hey! That's easily another carb drop worth of sugar there." So I dropped a sugar cube in the bottle and then sprinkled in the crumbs. This process wasn't as efficient as doing two drops/cubes and my idea of saving about 2c has now cost me about a fifth of a bottle of beer plus the clean up. IDIOT!
  10. https://fb.watch/8IihKgQQpD/ I found this rather amusing. Cheers.
  11. I have to admit I have a small amount of kegging envy because it'd be pretty cool to have kegged beer at home but for the reasons you've mentioned above, Panther, and a few others I've happily plodded along with bottles. Maybe one day but bottles are still OK with me.
  12. Up and coming Adelaide boy, Stefan Hauk, showing he's absolutely world class. Mixing it with some of the best.
  13. My wife chose this Diamond song for our wedding waltz back in 1992. Well blow me down, 24 years later Neil came to our home town of Adelaide to perform a concert on our wedding anniversary. He's such a romantic. He was 74 and didn't miss a note. Such a shame his health has turned for the worse. (BTW, I don't remember him doing this song at the concert. Maybe he's not that sentimental after all. Ha!)
  14. Doug had a real knack for doing covers better than the originals. His version of Sedaka's Hungry Years was so much more soulful and his voice an easier listen than Sedaka's. (IMHO). But still got to give much credit to Sedaka for penning the classic.
  15. Do you know a way to cross the border without quarantining?
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