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  1. @ThirstyMike I use liquid malt extract as an economical alternative to dry malt. If you use it, keep in mind it is less concentrated than dry malt. A 1.5kg tin of liquid malt is roughly the equivalent of 1.2kg of dry.
  2. @Otto Von Blotto I couldn't agree more. The game is overcoached now. Let the players play.
  3. The 55 second mark of this video suggests the collar actually does move but I imagine it's only during highly active ferments.
  4. I'm a bit of a traditionalist and would normally be opposed to it being a night game but as the game is on Cox Plate day a night game pleases me because it avoids a clash. I'm hoping to clean out the TAB coffers on the nags today and then it's AFL bbq at a mates place tonight. As an Essendon supporter I'm still undecided who I want to win. I really like Gary Ablett but not so keen on Dangerfield. I like Dimma Hardwick but I'm still p155ed off with Dusty for costing me a $300 win on Bachar Houli for the 2017 Norm Smith. LOL Can we please have a close game?
  5. I ceased using the collar because I found it unnecessary and many of my brew have been 25 litres. Keep in mind though that I only brew kits and bits. I'm told some stouts with certain types of yeast can get quite foamy. I guess if you did brew something that has that characteristic you could just do one FV at a time and use the collar.
  6. @pilotsh a very good question. I haven't done a dry hop yet (only hop teas on brew day) but it won't be long before I do, as I'm keen to get an XPA going.
  7. This information was listed in the Brewing Support, FAQ, Product Info section of this website until a few months ago but Coopers mysteriously changed the actual percentages of each ingredient to "predominantly" and "with" descriptions for some reason. Maybe @Coopers DIY Beer Team can shed some light on why.
  8. You can also get a reading by dropping the hydrometer in the top of the brew BUT there is a risk of introducing infection doing it this way and it can be difficult to read the hydrometer if you don't have good eyesight. Ensure your hydrometer is cleaned and sanitised if you do.
  9. When you drew the sample out, did you draw off about 50ml first, discard and then draw a sample? Sediment could be sitting in the tap and not giving you an accurate reading if you don't clear the tap out first.
  10. Too right about the conflicting opinions out there on the net. I figure if Coopers offer something that contains maltodextrin it can't be too bad. They've made a pretty good fist of making beer for over a century. I reckon they know what they're doing. However, if you make a beer that contains no maltodextrin and you enjoy it, it's nobody's business but yours to decide if it's right or wrong to do so. Cheers.
  11. It's all about your own preference and what kind of beer you're trying to finish up with, Mick. If you're using the ingredients you described I'd say no you don't need maltodextrin but your tastes may differ. However, some beers don't work as well with more malt. For instance, I used to add BE3 to almost every brew because I thought the extra malt content would make a better beer but I found with some like APA and Canadian Blonde BE2 was a better match. But that's my tastes. Your's may be different. It's a matter of trial and error to find what you like best.
  12. Fermenting under pressure - I spent a few weeks making some Cerveza for my son and cider for my wife. I'm now down to 3 cartons of REAL beer for me. I've currently got 46 litres of IPA brewing that I need to be ready to drink before the 3 cartons run out. That's what I call fermenting under pressure.
  13. From someone who's been a member for only a few hours. I'd love to help out but yeah, nah. You might be legit but your post looks as dodgy as Liberal party election promise.
  14. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA Good luck with getting anyone to do that. Sounds like a MASSIVE SCAM to me. @Coopers DIY Beer Teamdoes this look kosher to you?
  15. I'm pretty sure up until a short time ago that West End was the market leading beer brand in SA. It may still be. However, with the corporate take over by Lion the marketing has moved away from 'local' beer and focussed on national brands like Hahn and XXXX to make the beers cheaper to produce. This has eaten into WE's market share. Over the same time I reckon Coopers have probably picked up many WE drinkers who are SA parochial. The big companies aren't always that smart. Fosters/CUB/SABMiller/InBev or whatever they are called now dropped the ABV on VB from the original recipe 4.9% to 4.6% to save what I'm told was $20,000,000 in tax p.a. Unfortunately for them this caused a backlash among loyal VB drinkers and revenue dropped substantially and with it the alleged tax savings. They changed it back to 4.9% eventually but I'm pretty sure it irreversibly damaged their brand. It used to be the no.1 beer in Australia. I don't think it is any more.
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