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  1. @theyabbyman Chux type cloths are fine to use but as @Aussiekraut mentioned I find it easier to just plonk grains in a pot and strain it post-steep.
  2. AK, You've probably just invented the next big thing in craft beers - cheese beer.
  3. Just adding to Shamus' reply - I use a heat belt placed on my Coopers FV. It doesn't seem to have any detrimental impact.
  4. Hi Oz. I'm using those 8l plastic kegs. They're basically a big bottle. I have 12 of them but only 3 tap heads. It's been simpler for me to just prime the bottles/kegs a little, pop the lid on and store like a bottle until I'm ready to drink them. I haven't been fully priming them because I'm trying to minimise sediment. If I was to fully carbonate them I'd use 60 - 80g sugar but I'm only using 30-40g. The CO2 tank will do the finishing carbonation. To purge them with CO2 it's a fiddly job because I have to put a tap head on each full keg - tap heads I don't have.
  5. I don't know how long it will last but have you considered using just a small amount of priming sugar to create CO2 and remove oxygen in the keg? Then it won't need to be refrigerated or on gas.
  6. Hi @jennyss. It's a personal choice and I'm not going to say it's right or wrong. What @RDT2 has done by placing the pad in the fridge and not under the FV is kept the air temperature around the brew warm. This avoids creating a slow cooker effect that placing the mat underneath might create. I use a heat belt and put it on the lid or high on the FV above the wort for the same reason. Whether the slow cooker effect is real or perceived, I have no idea, but it sounds logical to me so I don't put the heat source directly on the wort. Many brewers will put their mat or belt on the brew and say they have no problems. This method would probably use less power because the heat goes more directly to the wort.
  7. I'm still having a degree of frustration with going to kegs. This is mainly due to only having enough equipment to carbonate and/or pour one keg at a time. I'm holding off placing an order for said equipment until I can place a decent sized order to save on shipping. In the interim I'm mostly kegging darker beers and priming the 8l kegs with 40g sugar. This gets me to a point where I can serve on tap almost immediately and not have the gas line tied up for a week at a time. It defeats my intention of getting kegs for clearer beers but until I get the extra gear I'll just have to tolerate it. I found 12psi is a good serving pressure but painfully slow for carbonating. So I up the pressure to 20-30psi and then drop it back for serving.
  8. Young Barrie is learning new things every day. We haven't had any toilet mishaps inside for a few days, which is an improvement from his first days with us, but I think the lawn is too wet at the moment because he's left a few surprises for Mrs Muzzy outside the laundry door instead of using the grass. He's not in triple Magarey medal class as his namesake yet but he's getting better. Two steps forward, one step back progress.
  9. I hope nobody minds me tacking on to this thread but I may have a handy tip. I made a Brigalow ginger beer recently after a request from my son. Personally I'm not a big fan of it, mainly due to the aftertaste from the artificial sweetener in it. I'm drinking a few glasses of it tonight and have found a dash of lemon juice seems to mask that aftertaste rather well without spoiling the ginger beer flavour.
  10. No, there was horses with 1, 2 & 3 word names. It just happened that 3 word names filled the placings. The trifecta paid over $6K. I got 1st, 3rd & 4th. Wouldn't have paid as much if my horse that ran 4th replaced the second horse but still would have been a nice collect. That's punting though.
  11. He got up again yesterday but unfortunately I missed the boat this time. Paid well.
  12. Yeah, probably more relieved than anything. It would have been disappointing to have tossed out 4 tins of extracts and a bag of choc malt.
  13. @DavidMGood luck with it.
  14. Update on the pellicle stout. It actually tastes pretty good. Was supposed to be double choc but has more coffee tones than chocolate to my palate. It's still a nice drop though. The bathtub ring around the neck of the bottles is still concerning, so I've been wiping it away with paper towel before pouring which has stopped pellicle floaties in the glass. Cheers
  15. @SimonWA They're all ales so get some ale yeast for them. I'd probably try harvesting some Coopers commercial ale yeast from some Coopers stubbies. It's a good value approach to take. You get to drink some nice beers and you don't have to buy any yeast. If you're not familiar with the process here's a video: https://www.diybeer.com/au/brewing-support#video=Sw2Cu-BdqdA
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