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  1. Dan Murphy and my local Drakes are pretty good for price but range is an issue. That's when the Coopers store is required for me.
  2. After 2 years of rudimentary temperature control I have succumbed further to the rabbit hole that is home brew. I just ordered an Inkbird ITC-308. With my son coming home for Xmas I decided to make a Mex Cerveza KnK. He's a millennial and likes that kind of beer. The past week or so in Adelaide was fairly mild weather wise apart from one day where it hit 38C. In readiness for the hot day I set up the cold water, wet towel, the fan and some ice bricks. I think I may have sent the yeast to sleep. It stalled at 1.012. Even a few days at warmer temps didn't get it going again, so I bottled at 1.012 this morning. This was my second stall in the last 6 brews. The first one was due to an underpitch when I tried to harvest some CCA yeast. The harvest was not successful also because I reckon my room temps were probably too low. I figured it's time to bite the bullet and get some legitimate temperature control. Merry Xmas to me.
  3. I think your yeast will definitely be stuffed. I made a similar discovery at home a few months ago. I pitched the yeast into some water and it stank like hell. My gear was also in an outside shed. I can't speak for the other stuff.
  4. Two 90 year old men, Mike and Joe, have been friends all of their lives. When it's clear that Joe is dying, Mike visits him every day. One day Mike says, "Joe, we both loved football all our lives, and we played football on Saturdays together for so many years. Please do me one favour, when you get to Heaven, somehow you must let me know if there's football there." Joe looks up at Mike from his death bed," Mike, you've been my best friend for many years. If it's at all possible, I'll do this favour for you. Shortly after that, Joe passes on. At midnight a couple of nights later, Mike is awakened from a sound sleep by a blinding flash of white light and a voice calling out to him, "Mike--Mike." "Who is it? asks Mike sitting up suddenly. "Who is it?" "Mike--it's me, Joe." "You're not Joe. Joe just died." "I'm telling you, it's me, Joe," insists the voice." "Joe! Where are you?" "In heaven", replies Joe. "I have some really good news and a little bad news." "Tell me the good news first," says Mike. "The good news," Joe says," is that there's football in heaven. Better yet, all of our old friends who died before us are here, too. Better than that, we're all young again. Better still, it's always spring time and it never rains or snows. And best of all, we can play football all we want, and we never get tired." That's fantastic," says Mike. "It's beyond my wildest dreams! So what's the bad news? "You're in the team for this Saturday!!!"
  5. Have always loved the song. The story only adds to it's quality.
  6. I'm so old I don't even remember high school, let alone physics.
  7. Don't be dissing Adelaide. Sure we have two crap football teams and a cricket team that resembles the Keystone Cops but we weren't settled by convicts and we don't pay road tolls, although the crooks in government currently will try changing that scenario.
  8. I can only hope for both, Greeny.
  9. So true. When I go into an unfamiliar bakery for a pie or pasty I always choose the product that looks the best. It could be dirty, wet socks and toadstool flavoured but I don't care. That's the one I'm having.
  10. Just following up on this old thread. I tried harvesting CCA yeast. Pitched it in an APA K&K. It started but then stalled so I threw in the kit yeast to get it going again, which it did. Tasted the first beer from this brew tonight. It was poor. Tasted like beer with a dash of dish washing liquid. I don't know if many of you have tried KFC wicked wings. I love them but they have this chemical after taste to them. That's how this beer tastes. It's quite cloudy in appearance too. I'll still drink it but with a tinge of disappointment. It's a bit like watching Essendon play footy over the last 10 years. Cheers.
  11. Nice, MartyG. I've always pondered a tree change but a fear of bush fires combined with my ad hoc approach to maintainence says I'd be a prime candidate to lose my home in a fire.
  12. My brother in law just posted this photo of his lawn on Facebook. He's a sales rep for Neutrog fertilisers.
  13. I had Kikuyu at my previous house and hated it. It was good because it was hardy but unless you keep right on top of mowing it, it's very aggressive and gets into everything eg. pavers, garden beds. Now I've got it again. Bugga!
  14. I've got real stuff out the back. It was a beautiful Santa Anna lawn many years ago but a combination of dog ownership, water restrictions and an contamination of Kikuyu has turned it into a piece of grass for the dog to use as a toilet. I'm not proud enough to take photos of it.
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