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  1. MUZZY

    Coopers glasses

    Agree. A lot of the sites I've seen are O/S ones and you either need to order a minimum of 100 units to get a good price or the freight is a killer.
  2. MUZZY

    Scum ring?

    So much for the bottle brush being the cure for "the ring". I've got it on a current batch of Mex Cerveza in PETs. The beer tastes quite good but it's giving me excess wind the day after consumption.
  3. MUZZY

    Coopers glasses

    I've been searching the interweb for them but of the ones I've found if they aren't overpriced the freight makes them not worth buying.
  4. MUZZY

    Plastic bottles

    PET and glass both have their pros and cons. I don't have a problem with bottles falling in the fridge. My shelves are glass. I assume yours might be grate type shelves.
  5. MUZZY

    Coopers glasses

    They had some glass ones too @ $7 that appeared even larger but the glass seemed thin and I reckon would break easily.
  6. MUZZY

    Coopers glasses

    I know this won't please many here but I'm happy with my purchase. This glass is plastic, so I guess it's not a glass. However, it was $4 from Cheap As Chips and holds a whole longneck of beer. Yes it lacks that romanticism of glass but now I can drink from a vessel with only one pour from the bottle i.e. no sediment backwash on the second pour.
  7. MUZZY

    Plastic bottles

    That's why I use a tea towel, Mitch, to protect my delicate hands.
  8. MUZZY

    What is an XPA??

    Yes and I wouldn't know the difference between any of them either.
  9. MUZZY

    Plastic bottles

    I had a couple of soft bottles in earlier brews. Now I use a tea towel when twisting on the caps to ensure they're on tight. I also discarded the caps of the soft bottles but kept the bottles in use. Haven't had any softies since.
  10. The t-shirt I use as a swamp cooler and light breaker was getting a bit smelly and needed replacing. Found this old Singapore t-shirt in the wardrobe. Wasn't until I put it over the FV that I realised the irony.
  11. MUZZY

    The homebrew economy

    Gumtree? You might get a few bucks back.
  12. MUZZY

    Double sized batches

    Thanks for the input, Titan. I'm all over that one. My swamp cooler tray is quite low and sits below the tap. I just have to top it up with water frequently. Cheers.
  13. MUZZY

    Double sized batches

    I know what you mean, BS. I'm in my 50s now but I'm a large fella so I can handle a bit of lifting. Having said that, I think I just need to manage my process smarter and I should be ok. ie. 1. Put the swamp cooling tray down first. 2. Put the FV in place before adding the bulk of the water. 3. Have more than 6 litres of fridged water on hand for temp control. It's all a learning curve but enjoyable at the same time.