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  1. Yep. I'm now also quite accustomed to the levels of carbonation in home brew. I honestly think you can taste the beer better because there's no bubbles to distract you from the flavour.
  2. So I was quite proud of myself after making my first brew with a hop addition, (Coopers APA with EKG hops) that I decided to share a couple with my best mate last night. I'll usually only give him beers that I think have turned out well and in return he gives me his honest feedback. His palate is more refined than mine so I appreciate his thoughts regardless if they are positive or negative. I use PET long necks and 2 carbonation drops in each for secondary fermenting and I think that's ideal for my taste. Last night as he was sipping away on my latest brew he said, "You know what I find with your beers? To me they're always a little bit flat." I said, "Really? I know they're not bubbly like keg beer but I've never considered them flat." Then he says, "Yeah." And then lets out an almighty, "Buuurrrrrrrrrp!" Me, laughing my bloody head off: "Must be that flat beer making you burp like that"
  3. Most laundry soakers are sodium percarbonate based eg. Napisan. Woolies would have a few brands. I use a Coles branded one because it's cheap. I'm told unscented is the way to go. The Coles one has a light scent though but I haven't suffered any detrimental effects by using it.
  4. 21 is an ideal ferment temp for most cans but if 21 is your starting temp before combining all ingredients it would make it very difficult to dissolve the sugar/malt/extract. Happy brewing.
  5. Hi Lab Rat. While I agree with extracting all the extract (hee hee), I found warming the cans a bit of a waste of time. I just scoop them out into my fermenter and what I can't scoop out I just rinse out with hot water and pour into the fermenter. Obviously the amount and temperature of the hot water varies depending on what time of year it is.
  6. Hi Wyld. The can of extract is quite thick and gooey. I doubt you could mix it well enough in cold water. You could try but I think you'd end up with an inconsistent mix. I imagine this would lead to either a very weak beer or it might take ages for the yeast to eat through it. It's like dissolving honey in a cup of tea. You could possibly do it in a cold cuppa but hot tea is the go.
  7. Hi DonPolo. Dan Murphy has the 25 litre DIY kit on sale currently for $98.90 if you have a Dan's card. Membership is free. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_730573/coopers-diy-home-brewing-kit
  8. Love it, SOS. I'm an Essendon fan living in Adelaide. Collingwood are the traditional arch rival but the over the top media coverage of AFC here makes them my personal enemy no.1. The Pies' demolition job also means only WB beating GWS will see Essendon miss finals. Not that I'm confident the Dons will do much if they make it but you've got to be in it to win it.
  9. I hear you loud and clear, SOS.
  10. I'm loving this song lately. It brings tears to my eyes. So lucky to still have my mum in my life......everydayyyyyyyyy.
  11. As Shamus wrote, tighten with a tea towel. This not only gives you a firm grip but saves you a few callouses. I've only suffered the occasional soft bottle but when I have I disposed of the cap because it's the most likely culprit of the failure. Also, I only remove the old rings if I'm using a brand new cap because it has it's own ring but with a ring or no ring probably wouldn't make any difference to your seal anyway. Good luck with future bottles.
  12. I'm a grumpy, old man. I'm pleased citric acid has been an effective cleaning product. I'm so disappointed the term "amaze balls" was used to describe it.
  13. Probably nice enough for the missus to allow it as 'inside' furniture.
  14. MUZZY


    That's great. I'm sure you'll cope with the stress of going there as long as he continues to do well.
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