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  1. @DeviantLogic you can make most beers in the Coopers FV without the collar. The collar is really only needed for beers that have massive krausen eg. stouts. Airlock isn't necessary either as your hydrometer will be your guide on fermentation. I'd go with the Coopers FV. If height becomes an issue you could even invert the lid to give you more room. Not ideal but I think it would work.
  2. Hey AL, no offence was taken, mate. I was just pointing out part of the reason it was so shabby looking. I started out using free pallet wood and a small bed because I'm one of those folks that can lose interest in things quickly. Didn't want to blow coin on a flash in the pan. However I've maintained my interest in the vegie patch for about a year now so I expanded to start my garlic bed. As I mentioned above with that tree growing it'll shade the vegie patch so my plan is to put a rainwater tank in that spot and get some legit garden beds and put them east of the tree. I saw some 1200 x 900 x 300 beds for $20 at Bunno's. Reckon I'll buy 3 or 4 of those eventually.
  3. @CLASSIC, that's a nice looking space you have there. Very chilled.
  4. Jeez @Waynealford, you always have surprises for me. First coriander, now candi sugar. I Googled it to find out what it is. Love your adventurism.
  5. @iBooz2 I know my efforts look slapdash because they are but the vegie patches will probably be temporary. Once that tree grows it will shade the vegies. When that happens I'll probably put a rainwater tank where the vegies are.
  6. @RepSpec these things all take time. I'm sure your garden will be flourishing in no time.
  7. @iBooz2 yeah mate, I know I need more soil. Picking up some horse dung and soil tomorrow. Thanks for the offer but I've already whacked a few screws in to hold it together.
  8. Thanks, Classic. The krausen is a real surprise. Only time I've had one close to that size before was a stout. I got lucky with the fridge. A free kick from my aging parents. It was their former party/beverage fridge but they don't do much partying or drinking these days. It was just sitting idle under their verandah so I made a claim for it.
  9. This is how we roll at Muzzville. Same, same but different. Hee, hee, hee.
  10. Well there's a lot happening to this APA. I don't recall ever getting such a large krausen on one of these tins. Only difference to my procedure was the cold steep of hops. SG is now 1.030, which doesn't really tell me much about yesterday's reading. Tastes really good but it still has a lot of fermenting to go.
  11. @lickedthestamp Thanks mate. That's great news.
  12. Good evening all, and in particular those of you familiar with the Inkbird ITC308 (non wifi model). The local electricity utility company is doing some work in my area tomorrow and my power will be interrupted. I've got 2 FV in the ferment fridge at 22C set on the Inkbird. The forecast maximum tomorrow is expected to be 29C and my fridge is outside under the verandah. I'll put some ice bricks in it to try keeping the fridge coolish. The power is expected back on at 3pm but I'll be working until 9pm. Does anyone know if the Inkbird will retain my setting of 22C once the power comes back on again?
  13. @jamiek86 yeah, thanks mate. I'll get some ice bricks in there in the morning. The work is to be done between 8am-3pm.
  14. It may not be a fail but it has potential. I put down 2 x 23 litre brews today and they're sitting in my ferment fridge under the verandah. I forgot the SA Power Networks people are turning our power off tomorrow for "essential works". It's going to be 29C tomorrow in Adelaide. Hoping my brews won't get anywhere near that temperature.
  15. @CLASSIC and there I was thinking we were neighbours. I'm at Newton. I'm a fairly infrequent visitor to Brewmaker though because I get most of my stuff here. Just the odd pack of hops.
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