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  1. Yeah, nah. Zero interest in having my beer judged. It's not even my beer, it's Coopers. It's like entering a cake at the Royal Show with a packet of White Wings cake mix.
  2. I put together an Australian pale ale on Thursday using CCA yeast. Friday, being the last day of a week off work, was going to be a day to get some shopping done but instead I stayed home waiting for a delivery to help my son with his new business. I didn't want to waste the whole day at home so I made a Coopers Stout. As it was a last minute decision I didn't get time to reactivate any CCA yeast, so to try something different I used 2 surplus sachets of R3559 yeast from Brew A IPA tins instead of the R007 yeast that came with the Stout tin.
  3. Hi I'mrev. As far as keeping things simple goes and keeping the temp up, you've done well. If you can get something like a polystyrene box or an old cupboard to put the fermenting vessel in to create it's own little atmosphere in partnership with the light globe. You are covering the globe to guard the brew from light, aren't you? Some brewers fashion a light shade from an empty tin. Depending on how far you're prepared to commit to good beer you can also do other things: A heat belt or heat pad can be purchased for under $20 if you search well enough. They provide constant heat but you have to monitor them frequently. If you use a thermomstat controller like an Inkbird (brand name) you can set and forget. It will switch the heat on and off at temperatures you set. Inkbirds are around $50-$80. If you get an Inkbird you might also consider using an old fridge to put your fermenting vessel in. This creates that mini atmosphere I mentioned above. The Inkbird can switch on the fridge if things get too hot or turn on the heat source if it gets too cold. It all depends on how far you want to take things and your budget. I've added some photos of my fermenting fridge and Inkbird to give you an idea. I tape the temperature probe to the side of the FV and plug the fridge and heat belt into the Inkbird. The Inkbird gets plugged into the powerpoint. My temp is set at 21C currently. If it gets too hot the fridge gets switched on. Too cold, it turns on the heat belt. The heat belt is obscured in the photo. It's the thicker black cord and I've got it hanging on the door shelves because I've two brews going. If I only had one brew I'd place the belt on the FV lid to work more efficiently.
  4. @Otto Von Blotto That's encouraging to know. I'm feeling less anxious now.
  5. So I've read but I get a bit impatient at 18C. I've done 18C a few times and it extended the fermentation time by a few days but I didn't really detect much difference in taste. I don't think I have a very refined palate. 21C is my usual temp for ales and that's what I've set this one at. Interestingly it's looking a bit weird at the moment. Never seen cold break like this before. Looks like someone put a crepe in the wort.
  6. They say we should learn from our mistakes. Old mate, Muzz, hasn't. I just made a 23 litre K&K of Pale Ale, BE3, cold tea of Summer hops and CCA yeast. Due to our recent lockdown, which has now been lifted after 7 days, I still haven't got myself a new hydrometer, so I have no SG reading. No big deal because K&K is fairly consistent anyway. My stupid mistake, which I've done before but gotten away with it, is pitching the yeast before checking the temperature. I got away with it once before because my wort luckily was at 21C. Today being colder, I've pitched at 18C. I'm hoping this won't be too big an issue but it's a worry for me personally because I'm becoming a bit blase' with my processes.
  7. Hi Al. It's bottled but I haven't drank any yet. I did sample the test tube before bottling and it tasted ok. Cheers.
  8. I like your thinking, Shamus. A raising of the limit to 8 cans would be nice. It would allow customers to reach the $80/$100 thresholds easier. I think you've provide an answer to the restriction without realising it. Coopers offer free postage. Freight is charged by weight generally. Coopers probably have a budget for free freight promos each month. Let's talk hypothetically it's $15,000 a month. This keeps things simple because they normally charge $15 for freight. This allows them to service 1,000 customers. If Harry Hoarder from One Tree Hill orders 100 tins that's roughly 150 kgs in freight going to only one customer. If the charge of freight is hypothetically $1 per kg. Harry will have absorbed 1% of the free freight budget. Meaning only 100 customers would get free freight before Coopers started going over budget. As we've seen with toilet paper, not everyone can be trusted to do the right thing like you do ie. buying only what you need.
  9. Cool. And I have to say I'm a bit surprised. I would have put my money on it being an oil company. That probably explains why I don't win too often on the punt.
  10. I don't know much about league or union but I know brands and seek clarity please Hairy. Was it Amco or Amoco? Amco was a jeans brand and Amoco petrol. It sounds odd but not out of the question that a jeans company would sponsor a major sporting code.
  11. I had no intention of ripping it out. It cost me $10. LOL We've actually had consistent rain here the past few months so the soil is moister than what we're accustomed to here. However I did plant it in a raised position of the garden bed to hopefully get a drainage effect.
  12. Thanks AL, and by the way is it AL as in A.L. or should it be Al as in short for Albert? Typing two capital letters is killing me. I'll definitely persevere with it but I'm disappointed in it's development so far. The chook poo fertiliser I used was already processed - Neutrog Rooster Booster. I'm glad you piped up because I was thinking of giving it some more but I'll hold off until late spring now. The tip about spreading the roots is good too. You're a champion.
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