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Every time I go to Big W Brookvale to get whatsoever it is not there. I have been 3 times now trying to get IPA, never one there, even though Paul tells us it is their most applauded beer. Paul, could you get your marketing man to tell the Big W this fact. Then they might just might stock some.



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I think if we want stores like BigW to stock more home brew products it works better if we ask for them. The coopers guys can push and push but if they don't think they will sell they won't stock them.


So maybe even email management at the BigW stating that it would benefit them to have it.

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I believe the restriction of the Thomas Coopers range to home brew stores is in part Coopers choice, otherwise the LHBS would have no chance of competing with Big W and wouldn't stock any Coopers stuff at all. You can also mail order that range from Coopers but the weight means paying a bit for postage.

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Dale, Smitfield is a bloody long way from Manly!

Back to the big W today, gues what? no LDM, no hydrometers (broke mine again) oh for a plastic one. This time though they had a huge amount of PET caps, 2 aint that huge.

Matty's idear of emailng the manager of the place is good, he would have no idear of the lack of stocking in his shops. What say we all do just that?

Here is the Big W address http://www.bigw.com.au/bigw/contentmanagement/contactus_homepage.jsp


I have sent them this-

Dear sir/Madam,

I live at Manly Vale and I am a home brewer, Big W is a very handy place for me to shop for these products, however the problem I have is the constant lack of stock.


I have been to that store three times in the last week and a half, trying to buy such things as PET bottle caps, Light dried malt extract, a hydrometer, various Coopers homebrew cans. Today they had 2 packets of bottle tops, I wanted 6, there was no malt of any description, and no hydrometers and very few Coopers brew cans.


This is a constant problem to us home brewers.

I belong to the Coopers homebrew forum and one of the comments on the forum that comes up quite often is the lack of stock at Big W.

Don\u2019t get me wrong we are grateful that you do stock these products, but they are loosing sales because once we find that you don\u2019t have the stock we are forced to go to the nearest homebrew shop to get the products we need.


We would appreciate the rectification of this problem.


Warren Eggleton.


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