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Stout questions?

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I have a stout that has finished in the fermentor. Planing on natural carb'n in keg using DME. 

Recipe has me adding coffee ensence for 2nd ferment, all good, add to keg at same time as priming.

To add more chocolate flavour, was thinking of dry roasting 200g of cacao nibs, mainly to kills bugs, and add them as well. Should this work? or will it just add bitterness?

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In the Choc stout ROTM they steep the cacao nibs then add it to the FV.

"Place the strained liquid onto the stovetop, bring to the boil add the Cacao Nibs and Vanilla Bean (or substituted extract or essence) then remove from the heat. Cool the liquid by placing pot in a bath of cold water for about 15mins then strain into Fermenting Vessel"

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Hi GN81,

I recently did a stout with 250g of Cacao nibs.

Roasted for 20mins (can't remember the temp but it was the same as on a brulosophy  article),  then poured into 250mls of Gentleman Jack for  several days.

Poured the lot in when fermentation finished (cacao nibs in hop bag).

Was bloody lovely, absolutely  delish!!

Coopers Irish, Amber malt can, 500g wheat DME, 250g LDME, 300g of sugar, Nottingham ale yeast .

250ml of Jacks added about 0.4% ABV to total batch





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