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  1. I was once an Excel formulas guy and so I didn't even see the ! as a possible error. But because I couldn't find the reason for the #Name error I went back to the original download and started comparing formulas and in the original, untouched (by me) version, it uses the '.' for sheet names. Just curious - in your Excel, if you alter the ! to a . does the formula still run or give an error?
  2. Well, I have the Cascade and Simcoe - only other I have right now is EKG. Unfortunately I have only 50 gm of each. Hop stand is adding hops to the brew as temp drops below 80°C - my brew is already in the FV. Would a tea help instead? Let it cool, strain and add to the FV?
  3. That's not a growler... THIS is a growler. Costs a bit more though...
  4. The ABV is intentional - with 2 x draught to use up I figured a nice strong beer for the Xmas & NY could be good. I thought draught should be bland enough I could learn what the brown sugar and hops do to it. I like IPA's and APA's, dislike all the Saisons a friend kept getting me to try because he was convinced if only he found the right one I'd like it - wrong. Newcastle Brown and a few other English ales, a couple of German beers I had over there but can't recall names of those. All time favourite would be Fixation, an IPA from Byron Bay, now apparently spreading as fast as they can produce it. I've got a Coopers Dark Ale can to try next - I'm planning to read around for how I might tweak it, but no biggie as I haven't had it and may just make it as is to try. Maybe some extra LME as well as the BE3?
  5. Thanks for the info. Any ideas as to what I should use for what I have there?
  6. Where did you get it for $55? It could be a good place for others when the above deal sells out.
  7. Minor point, but something to think about... This should be "It's amazing how much useless information the human mind can store" Even with MRI's they can still only point out the processing centres, not the memories. Minds are what brains do.
  8. I think that formula should not have the ! in it - it generates a #NAME error. Looking at the original that is meant to be a '.' not '!' So... =IF(ISNUMBER($MAIN.F26),$MAIN.F26,IF(OR(($MAIN.F26)="d",($MAIN.F26)="D"),"DRY HOPPED",IF(OR(($MAIN.F26)="w",($MAIN.F26)="W"),"WHIRLPOOL","")))
  9. Nah... There's like 86 styles listed and I reckon I have a reasonable idea of about a dozen of them. (if that's what you meant)
  10. I saw one on ebay that was only rated to 25 psi - most of the others I saw from (China) didn't have any rating.
  11. LOL - I chose that because I don't have the foggiest what the other choices mean.
  12. Although Otto has a valid point I think. They're being filled from an end-source so CO2 is coming out of beer into the head space. Be interesting to hear thow things go with treating a growler as the bottle from FV.
  13. Not sure about the first part but I was told by a professional brewer the short 'shelf time' was because they are being filled from kegs. Maybe decanting direct from the FV or bulk primer and sealing it would be different? If they didn't hold pressure, would you even get a week? They'd go flat overnight.
  14. I decided to go with the experimental brew for my next. For those who haven't read the 'Next Brew' thread, with some kit I got 2nd hand there were 2 x out-of-date Coopers Draught so I figured I'd try for a 'special' Xmas beer. The LME & ADJ figures are made up from Coopers BE3 (1kg) & 200 gm brown sugar. I'm trying for a darker beer, maybe something along the lines of an APA. I intended to dry hop with 25 or 50 gm of Cascade but the graph below shows already it might be very hoppy. Should I maybe try a hop tea or even a short boil to add some bitterness? SS says IBU of 52.5 - I've seen higher figures for beers I have liked. I didn't realise draught cans would register so hoppy. I added the BE3 to 2 L pure water and brought to almost boiling then added in a 25 gm sachet of bread yeast to use as yeast nutrient. I added both Draught yeasts plus 11 gm US-05 - thinking is some at least of the kit yeast should be viable - cans are only bit over a month out of date so the nutrient should make for a healthy ferment and if they aren't, there's the US-05 to thrive on the nutrient. 20 litre total in the FV. Note to Self - get a small table in front of fridge to put FV on while filling - not enough room if it is on top shelf OR if shelf is in place and FV on bottom, to add water after placement. OG is 1.070, a little lower than SS says, but if I recall from an earlier thread, my hydro is reading a little low, about 0.02 so maybe the OG should be 1.072. I have the sample sitting in the fridge with the brew so I can check later to see how it is progressing without disturbing the brew. I pitched yeast at 22° brew temp and turned on the fridge to chill things down a bit - it had been open for a while so ambient in there was over 20. The fridge temp came down to 17.5 and is climbing back slowly. Mostly I'll leave it unless it gets over 20 and I have the timer for tomorrow when we're expecting a 35° day - days after they're saying 18 and 9 so they should be fine.
  15. I'm not so sure about that - when we moved I couldn't be arsed trying to work out how to keep the frozen food cold so I just taped up the vertical freezer door and we moved. 2 days later when we powered on in the new place the food was still solid. Might be another reason for Shamus to get a new fridge - perhaps your older ones don't do very well on temps? TBH I was surprised my fridge warmed that MUCH in only 2 hours. I expected better performance than that, but that may be influenced by having seen how the freezer performed. So... perhaps my data wasn't useless after all. I've learned I actually have a decent fridge. Also... 6 or 7 minutes to drop back 0.3°? Or even 1°? You may be low on gas. I just tried 6 mins on with mine & it dropped 4.7°.
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