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  1. Yes, can be used just for heating OR cooling and for heating AND cooling. The reason why you may want a fridge and heating in winter is to keep the temps within a tight range. The best beer is made with a CONSTANT temp so the eyast isn't stressed wtih changes. So we use both to keep it within +/- 0.3° (or whatever your choice is) to ensure we get the best beer possible. Fish tanks, reptiles tanks, could probably use it for aquaponics - pretty much anything where you want a constant and controlled temp.
  2. One hopes there might be other items of clothing...?
  3. Well, it's only $6 per can - I've seen some cvrafts at $10 or more per can.
  4. Journeyman

    First Brew

    Does OCD not recognise prepositions or is yours not trained in the 'never end a sentence with one'?
  5. If it was recent, ME... I started doing it a few months back when I found out about hops tea - seemed a good way to do it without having to worry about chux or socks etc. And I got a plunger fo $3 at the Salvos shop.
  6. So... you've got an army then? 'cos I have TWO dogs.
  7. See... a while ago I was a bit concerned about old age and that maybe my creativity was fading. Then I found home brew and discovered an amazing new depth of creativty to NOT having nights off of drinking beer AND justifying the slightly rotund figure I have become.
  8. I was about to post... "MUZZYYYYYYYYY"
  9. The advantage of having the hose as well is you can set a swag of bottles in a container and just fill from bottle to bottle rather than having to bring each bottle to the tap.
  10. @Mickep No idea who makes it. But it's definitely silicon, not PVC or vinyl. This is my beer tube - sanitise and plug wand bit into other end - guarantees no bugs.
  11. I have some silicon tube (from B's) that has (I think) 10mm ID - the wand fits straight INSIDE that. So I have a piece of wand in the tap & the silicon tubing - I can either use the wand at the end for bottles or just use the silicon into the keg.
  12. Maybe "small batches of Let-There-Be-Light Beer !"
  13. I posted a few of mine - My heating unit is a 45W bulb in a can and my shelf is just a 2nd fridge shelf shoved into the same track as the one that is already there in the FV fridge. I also use a garden sprayer bottle - 5 litres I think) with a piece of gas line (8mm OD) which fits perfectly in the sprayer nozzle, as my sod perc pump for the beer taps. Oh, and some spare lumps of 2x4 for tilting FV's, and a double electric blanket in the cupboard on a cheapo STC-1000 to keep things at ferment temps - bottles, primed kegs or the 3rd FV.
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