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  1. Most people CC first I think, then bottle and prime. Even with bulk priming I would CC the brew and use finings and THEN transfer and bottle and then let them come back up to temp. The priming doesn't need to be at ferment temps, but the conditioning can't happen unless the brew IS at ferment temps. i.e. if it stays cold, very flat beer results because the yeast never woke up.
  2. I'm about to start an experiment with a primed keg and normal serving pressure-carbed keg. (see 'Keg the Prime vs Keg the Gas' thread. Yes you can prime kegs with sugar - they will need the same thing as bottles, 2 weeks at 18° or above so the yeast wakes up (if CC'd) and does its thing. There is little info I could find about what to do though, so my plan is to then stick it in the fridge, gas it up to serving pressure, leave it a day then try it. Given I don't know what pressure the sugar will add to the keg I will burp it before putting it on gas, just so I don't get a gusher. As for how long a keg can be left at room temps? If properly sanitised, purged with CO2 and sealed, I can't see why it couldn't be weeks. In a cool environment (say under the house/in a cellar, maybe longer. If it's primed it would still need the first couple of weeks at ferment temps though. Also I don't think widely varying temps would be a good thing for the beer.
  3. But one notes you didn't use any emojis - couldn't find any left? Oops... there's one that got away. I'm with you on this - haven't made one under 6.5% yet. I figure it's to help with my weight - why drink 6 beers with all those carbs etc when 3 will give the same buzz...
  4. Try the FB page for HB Australia - a guy wants to do a Coppers Larger BAIB.
  5. So the previous ratios of the various components will remain the same?
  6. I'll prime and fill then seal it in the cupboard. Not really concerned too much about the pressure inside until the 2 weeks is up. Then stick it in the fridge till cold, burp it and put it on gas at my normal 12 psi. 24 hours later, do the bottles. I haven't looked much at the 'ferment under pressure' idea, which is where the spunding valve stuff comes from I think. I'm lazy - do the minimum and the more fancy it gets, from what I have seen, the more work and the more chance of things like infection. I could easily be wrong because, as I said, I haven't looked closely, but it seems to me there are a slew of possible things to go wrong being posted about once you move away from the simple ferment -> bottle or ferment -> keg. I'm not even sure I'll be continuing the partial mash idea except occasionally - depends how well these 'experiment' kegs turn out. Also I have just ordered the 1st LME cans from Coopers so will see what difference they make. If it is as much as the guys on here claim, that might just do me as a standard action. KISS and have a lazy life is my ideal. Partial mashes are about as much work as I want to put in and the AG guys seems to have a whole new layer of issues, things to go wrong and time to brew.
  7. Why? That's the question that matters to me. There has to be a good reason for me to add in stuff to successful activity. Corollary of the "if it ain't broke" saying, "if it's working don't mess with it." So what would be your expected gain from doing it?
  8. I got a lot of my initial gear on GT. I think if they ever stop faking up CV-19 numbers we will have a barganza on there as a lot of the newbies find it too much trouble when the pub is just up the road. (hoping, anyway )
  9. I want one of this on my wall so anyone drinking can feel pissed just by looking at it.
  10. You should now apply for your commission - just made the purchase.
  11. Bugger! Hadn't thought of that. Yu am smrt!
  12. For the first time, Covid-19 is directly affected me. With free shipping available I thought I'd lash out a little and try these extracts everyone keeps telling me to try. But I can't get to the free shipping with extracts because the Coopers limit (I'm presuming due to Covid) is 6 cans maximum. And I don't need other stuff, so I don't want to buy things just to get me over the $80, I just want LME, maybe a couple of Amber LME's and I thought, when I hit the 'can limit' (which they don;t elucidate about so you have to add cans until you hit it - it's 6 cans) "Oh that's extracts, so I'll add a couple of TC special range cans" - Nope, they are extracts as well. So... no buys for me until things are back to normal.
  13. Was that a Gumtree or similar buy? Cos I reckon that's about $500 short of what I'd estimate from looking around the HBS's.
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