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  1. My glasses have marks on them at the 350ml mark and I pour to that. I get 52-53 glasses from a keg, which lasts me 2 weeks exactly. I can get from brew night to packaging in 12-13 days, with a day fast carbing, to see me through. I keep a tally on my phone to record glasses consumed, so I know down to the glass when the keg will blow. Otherwise the anxiety of the keg blowing kills me! Cheers James
  2. Put down a chocolate yesterday, first time doing a stout in ages , looking forward to it: Double Chocolate Stout Brewed 22/1/2020 Coopers Irish Stout Coopers Amber LME Choc malt 0.25kg cold steeped overnight in 2L of water LDME 0.49kg Wheat DME 0.24kg White sugar 0.35kg 1.5L Nottingham starter 24L in FV IBUs 29.1 OG: 1.060 FG: 1.012 Should be about 6.3% in the keg Will add 250g cacao nibs steeped in 250ml of Gentleman Jack on about day 5-6
  3. Hi all, Just tapped my Simcoe Citra Mosaic IPA, first time using US-05 in a few years and I am really liking this brew ! Could be my best ever!! Usually use Notty but can taste a big difference in this brew, very little yeast flavour /esters, more hop presence and more like the commercial IPAs that I buy for research purposes . Hello US-05 my old friend.. Cheers legends James
  4. Got my usual house IPA in the FV. Using US-05 for the first time in a couple of years for this one , usually use Notty, so hopefully it goes well! Think I have found my perfect hop combo : Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic Citra Simcoe Mosaic IPA 2020 Brewed Tuesday 10/1/2020 24 litres OG 1.059 Predicted FG 1.012 US-05 starter 1.5L IBU 51 About 6.2%in the keg Coopers Lager can Coopers LLME can 500g LDME 250g Wheat DME 300g White Sugar 200g Caramunich II cold steeped overnight in 1.5L of water in fridge HOPS Citra 25g 10min Simcoe 25g 10min Citra 25g 5min Simcoe 25g 5min Mosaic 25g 5min Allow to cool for 15 minutes, before actively chilling wort (5 litre boil) Dry hop Citra 50g Simcoe 25g Mosaic 25g Cheers James
  5. Cheers mate, off to Woolies it is then! LHBS charging double that for 100g. Double Chocolate Stout - here we come!!
  6. Were the cacao nibs from a homebrew store or just from a supermarket? Just looking at the ones from Woolies and it says they are 49% fat? Thought this would be bad for head retention etc? Is that why the brulosophy fella roasts his at 120 degC for 20 mins to get the oils out? Cheers James
  7. Cheers Hoppy, Thats a bloody nice looking stout by the way mate! Got me thirsty just looking at it! James
  8. Do you crack them or just put them straight in whole ? I am doing extract / stove top boils etc, and was reading about steeping them in bourbon for a bit and pouring the liquid and nibs in like a dry hop..? Not sure how long to steep them for though..? Boiling could be an option as well. Like a late addition hop boil I suppose ..? Cheers James
  9. Hey BB, How did the Stout with Cacao nibs turn out? I am planning a stout and was thinking about adding cacao nibs Cheers James
  10. It’s half way through the season and I don’t want to jinx it, but mate do you really think it deserves 84 haha’s?? Liverpool FC 13 points clear with a game in hand AND Leeds top of the Championship.....!! Come On!!!!! Hat eating competition .. ahoy! Cheers James
  11. You can buy a Threaded Growler Spout Attachment from Keg King or wherever that has a barb type end that allows you to attach food grade hose onto it. I have a piece of hose that is attached to the growler fitting long enough to go to the bottom of the bottle. Swap over the tap attachment with the filling hose going into the bottom of the chilled bottle and pour as slow as possible. I usually have 3-4 PET bottles in a brewing pot (set up on milk crates) , next to my kegerator so any splillage just goes into the pot . Bottles are pre-chilled in kegerator to avoid excess foam when being poured. From doing 3-4 bottles there is usually about 150ml waste (which can be salvaged if you wish)! I fill the bottle 3/4's the way full and let it settle for a bit, then fill to the top and cap on foam. Now there is beer ready to take to the party / BBQ, don't have to worry about keeping the bottles perfectly still etc, like transporting bottle conditioned beer. (If you are getting too much foam reduce the pressure a little bit on the reg) Cheers and Merry Christmas etc James
  12. Thanks for the replies, legends!! Will give the US05 and M42 a go on my next few batches. Will be putting both into starters, a day before brew day. Cheers James
  13. Pretty sure the water in the northern suburbs of Perth are chloramine free, just chlorinated. Does chlorine evaporate during a ferment ? I am back to doing extract / can / stove top boils at the minute. I have a carbon filter in the kitchen for drinking water, but have just been using normal tap water for my brews lately. Might use the filtered water on the next batches especially with US05 if chlorinated water is an issue with it. Cheers James
  14. Might do a batch each of US05 and M42. There is chlorine in my tap water (Perth northern suburbs), but no chloramines. Think they only put chloramines in the pipeline to Kalgoorlie from Perth. Cheers James
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