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  1. James Lao

    To Keg Or Not To Keg - that is the question

    Having had the kegerator and going back to bottling, I am definitely gonna say kegging is way way better. Better, cleaner tasting beer. Ready to consume quicker. Easier and quicker to clean. Can easily fill PET bottles for BBQs etc and then don’t have to worry about keeping them dead straight for fear of disturbing the trub etc. Soon as I can afford it I will be getting a keg set up again. Cheers James
  2. James Lao

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Hey Brew Legends! Made my first Brew in over 6 months yesterday, back to kits and bits but it was good to have the house smelling of boiling hops and malt again! Citra Mosaic Amarillo IPA Brewed 14/6/19 11am 24 litres OG 1.060 Predicted FG 1.011 Nottingham starter 1.3L IBU 49 Coopers Lager can Coopers LLME can 600g LDME 250g Wheat DME 200g White Sugar 300g Caramunich II cold steeped overnight in 2.5L of water in fridge HOPS Citra 25g 10min Mosaic 30g 10min Citra 25g 5min Mosaic 25g 5min Amarillo 25g 5min Will Dry hop day 5 Citra 35g Mosaic 35g Amarillo 30g Cheers James
  3. James Lao

    Briess LME Plastic Containers

    Was looking that way for a bit for me mate. I can't say enough for the core strengthening exercises, they really have turned my situation around. The most simple tasks was putting me in a fair bit of pain with nothing seeming to work. Found these exercises and am fit and healthy again which is the main thing , and back brewing again! Cheers
  4. James Lao

    Briess LME Plastic Containers

    Had a bit of a dodgy hip / glute / back issue that wasn't going away / getting worse over time. But got it sorted now with some excellent Core strengthening exercises - 10 min every morning, feel 20 years younger and stronger! Probably won't go back to doing double brew days just yet though and stick to a cartons worth of drinking a week (not 2)!! Cheers James
  5. James Lao

    Briess LME Plastic Containers

    Dropped about $100 off the retail price for the Robo and about $150 off the kegerator 2 x tap kegking latest version at the time (12-18 months old). They went that quick that I made sure the fermenters and all the other brewing gear were overpriced and wouldn't sell (glad they didn't)!. Just in case I was right to brew again, which I am now - happy days!! Cheers Newbrews, most of my favourite commercial beers and my AG home brews usually have a bit of Munich in so keen to see what the LME version is like! Cheers James
  6. James Lao

    Briess LME Plastic Containers

    Robobrew and the kegerator are gone! Put them on Gumtree and they went within a couple of days. Disappointing thing (apart from actually selling them), was they didn’t go to homebrewers ! The Robo went to a whisky maker and the kegerator went to a Corona drinker who wanted to get kegs from U brew it instead of buying cartons all the time - oh well! Back to bottling and extract brewing til next tax return! Its good to be back ! Cheers brew legends! James
  7. James Lao

    Briess LME Plastic Containers

    Thanks Norris! Its been 6 months or so since doing a brew so chomping at the Bit now to get goin’ again! Cheers James
  8. Hi all, Have had several months off brewing but I am planning a return with an extract brew. Was thinking of using some of the Briess Munich malt LME gear. Was wondering if you can fill these plastic containers with boiling water to help get the dregs out like you do for steel type LME containers? I am pretty sure you can but just felt like asking the question on the Coopers forum, its been a while! Cheers James
  9. James Lao

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Hi all, Having an involuntary break from brewing for a bit so it’s back to buying commercial beers for the near future for me! Feel like I am selling my soul paying $70 and upwards for hoppy beers that I can make just as good (bit biased maybe)! Anyway spotted one of my favourite breweries on spesh at Dans - Ballast Point Big Eye IPA for $17 a sixer - happy days! Got 3 of em and after a day chilling down cracked one and all I got was onion and garlic on the nose and taste !!! Bit of reading on the net points to Colombus throwing this sometimes? After 5-6 days on the fridge the samboy BBQ chip aroma has subsided and now is a nice IPA. Think the Big Eye is being discontinued by Ballast Point? Anyone ever experience garlicky aroma / flavors with Colombus? Will be avoiding beers with that in future - store bought and home brewed! Cheers James
  10. James Lao

    Oxidisation from auto syphon

    Just finished my Amarillo Pale Ale that I thought would suffer from oxidisation. Turned out more than fine, was 7 weeks in the keg which is a record for me! Cutting down a fair bit this year ! Had a BBQ and quite a few were saying it was the best homebrew they had ever had, and I had to agree of course!! Never thought Amarillo was punchy enough for me but I think it gives a beer a nice smoothness compared to Citra or Mosaic, they are probably more suited to IPAs maybe. Cheers James
  11. James Lao

    Forgot to buy/add Whirlfloc

    4 weeks in the keg and it isn’t so bad after all! Love this hop combo Chinook Citra Cascade and Mosaic. Think it’s my best ever.... and maybe my last for a while Cheers James
  12. James Lao

    Keg Hopping

    I usually do about 50gm for an IPA. Haven't done it for a few brews now as it was robbing me of a few extra glasses through absorption! Will be giving it a go again though - defo bang for buck! Leave the hops in the keg til it blows and no grassiness noted on any of my brews. I still dry hop during ferment as well as keg hop, because I bottle 3-4 longnecks. Can't half tell the difference between the bottle conditioned and extra keg hopped beer! Cheers James
  13. James Lao

    Half Sized Batches in Full Fermenter

    Thanks for the replies. Will be giving this a go in the near future. Need to scale back my operations a bit, but don't want to completely stop homebrewing! Any thoughts on the Burst Carbonating method - 45psi at 20 hours? Thinking the pressure or time would reduce as the volume of beer is less / head-space is more?? Cheers James
  14. Hi all, This has probably been discussed already, but have done a few searches and didn't get required answers. Was wondering if there would be any issues doing a half sized batch in a full sized Coopers FV? Also, if this would be OK then putting the 11-12L batch into a 19L keg? Would the fast carbonating method be affected because of the greater head space in the keg? Cheers James
  15. James Lao

    Oxidisation from auto syphon

    On the subject of oxidisation I bought a Mash Brewing Copycat IPA last night on special, and the taste was completely different to the one I bought from the same bottle shop about 9 months ago. The one I had a while back was delicious but last nights one was a bit off ish. Maybe this was oxidized? Did a bit of research in the net and found an article on Brulosophy (roll eyes now), and it was for me encouraging! The results were not distinguishable and the oxidized keg was splashed in from the fermenter from a short tube. There is hope yet! Added bonus is my beers usually don’t go past 6 weeks from packaging. Cheers James