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  1. I have just read a bit on the net regarding LME vs DME and it says similar stuff.. Hopefully the 0.5kg of wheat malt will help with the head retention and lacing. I really enjoy that visual aspect of drinking a beer! Cheers James
  2. Citra Mosaic Easy Pale Ale OG 1.052, Predicted FG 1.012, 32 IBUs Coopers Lager can, 1kg LDME, 0.5kg Wheat DME, 200g Caramunich II cold steeped, 300g sugar HOPS: 15g each of Citra and Mosaic for 5 minutes Will dry hop 25g of each after 5 days Doing this as an easy drinking pale ale First time not using a liquid malt can in a recipe ( apart from the brew can), interested to see what the difference is using mostly DME for my fermentables Cheers James
  3. Can’t be too careful I always say!!
  4. I bottle from the keg when going to BBQs etc Its dead easy and you don’t have to worry about keeping them straight / getting shook up etc. If I didn’t have a keg set up and had $500 to move from bottles I think a kegerator would be the best option. Not knocking the idea though it does sound good, but bang for buck I would go the kegerator, you still get the transportability aspect if you bottle from the keg. Also the beer is way way better from a keg than straight out bottling. Just my opinion from my experience, not meaning to put the mockers on canning or anything. Cheers James
  5. Give it time mate, it might come good! A lesson maybe to always wash hands and then sanitize before touching the beer / dry hops.. Feel ya pain Norris! Cheers James
  6. I suppose I can't really explain why I used to shake the bottle when packaging - stupidity mainly! I knew that that getting air into the beer was bad, hence always filling to the bottom of the bottle / keg, and when kegging - purge the keg etc. Just a bad habit of mine done on bottling night, from the start my brewing adventure that had carried on until reading this thread! Oh well, at least something has been learned by me from the Coopers forum - yet again. Cheers James
  7. Sorry to hear about that mate, good thing about having no kids though, it makes it a lot easier. Been there myself, but met new missus and have been together for 14 years now, so there is someone for everyone.. By the way there was nothing dodgy about my tax return !! Series 4 is great, really like the new duo-tight push in fittings, the instructional video is really good from Kee. Same as others have said for filling kegs, I just got some food grade tube from bunnings for all that stuff. Got a growler fitting for the tap from Brewmat and use a short piece of tube to fill bottles when going to BBQs etc, I just set the pressure back to about 5psi when filling bottles, and make sure the bottles are chilled beforehand. Mate, you will not look back now with a keg system, the beer is so much better, and the process of just about everything (cleaning, conditioning etc), is quicker too. Good luck bud James
  8. Why can’t everyone just get along, this is the Coopers forum remember! I took on the oxidising angle as my bottled brews taste way different to my kegged beers, so no more shaking bottles for me, but didn’t like the kinking effect of squeezing the bottles so left it there. Old Gash on his vid seems to think it makes a difference so I will find out soon if not shaking improves the taste at the glass. But do agree that more hops late and dry hopped will prolong the hop flavour of the beer defo. Maybe it’s me and my taste buds but anything less than 3g / L these days doesn’t do enough for me aroma wise pale ales and IPAs. ( I do love a big hop aroma in my beers these days)! Also why I am thinking of weighing the hop bag down to get more bang for buck. I am beginning to see it as a waste if 50g of hops out of 100g are not contacting the beer and it just looks like they are getting wet through a wicking effect. Would prefer if they were all immersed Cheers James
  9. Hey Blacksands, Does that mean the bottles don’t firm up as much, when the air is squeezed out of them at bottling time? Cheers James
  10. Hi all, Just kegged a batch last week and bottled 4 PETs (24 litre batch). Did not shake them but did not squeeze the bottles as they were kinking slightly when I tried the first one and thought it might weaken the plastic? Does anyone squeeze the bottle / and does their PET slightly kink when doing this, is it something to be concerned about? Anyway, will be able to tell when I am back home in a coupe of weeks, about the positive affects of not shaking the bottle (hopefully)! Cheers James
  11. That has happened to me before as well. Thats why I set my STC-1000 to 2degC now. From memory I just bottled as normal and lost a bit due to the beer berg. Don't recall the beer being adversely affected. Cheers James
  12. Thanks mate, Trip to Bunnings is on the cards then. What section did you find them? Cheers James
  13. Cheers for the replies. I used to use a shot glass as well but found the same thing that they would eventually float again. Think I will give the 5cm stainless ball bearing a go. Should be able to get some off eBay. I haven’t been bothered about this issue for ages but noticed my last 2 brews that half the hops didn’t even seem to be making contact with the the beer until cold crash. Just wanting to maximize the hop aroma at the glass and think this is where it is falling down somewhat. 100g dry hop should be giving me more I reckon especially Citra and Mosaic Cheers James
  14. Cheers for the replies fellas, Hey RD, what size rings do you use ? Cheers James
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