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  1. James Lao

    Forgot to buy/add Whirlfloc

    4 weeks in the keg and it isn’t so bad after all! Love this hop combo Chinook Citra Cascade and Mosaic. Think it’s my best ever.... and maybe my last for a while Cheers James
  2. James Lao

    Keg Hopping

    I usually do about 50gm for an IPA. Haven't done it for a few brews now as it was robbing me of a few extra glasses through absorption! Will be giving it a go again though - defo bang for buck! Leave the hops in the keg til it blows and no grassiness noted on any of my brews. I still dry hop during ferment as well as keg hop, because I bottle 3-4 longnecks. Can't half tell the difference between the bottle conditioned and extra keg hopped beer! Cheers James
  3. James Lao

    Half Sized Batches in Full Fermenter

    Thanks for the replies. Will be giving this a go in the near future. Need to scale back my operations a bit, but don't want to completely stop homebrewing! Any thoughts on the Burst Carbonating method - 45psi at 20 hours? Thinking the pressure or time would reduce as the volume of beer is less / head-space is more?? Cheers James
  4. Hi all, This has probably been discussed already, but have done a few searches and didn't get required answers. Was wondering if there would be any issues doing a half sized batch in a full sized Coopers FV? Also, if this would be OK then putting the 11-12L batch into a 19L keg? Would the fast carbonating method be affected because of the greater head space in the keg? Cheers James
  5. James Lao

    Oxidisation from auto syphon

    On the subject of oxidisation I bought a Mash Brewing Copycat IPA last night on special, and the taste was completely different to the one I bought from the same bottle shop about 9 months ago. The one I had a while back was delicious but last nights one was a bit off ish. Maybe this was oxidized? Did a bit of research in the net and found an article on Brulosophy (roll eyes now), and it was for me encouraging! The results were not distinguishable and the oxidized keg was splashed in from the fermenter from a short tube. There is hope yet! Added bonus is my beers usually don’t go past 6 weeks from packaging. Cheers James
  6. James Lao

    Oxidisation from auto syphon

    Cheers for the replies. The tube I had over the outlet side of the syphon wasn’t forming a complete seal and it looked like air was getting in through that. Suppose time will tell, hopefully it won’t be too bad. Cheers James
  7. Hi all, Just kegged a brew and was using an auto syphon for the first time to transfer to keg but was getting air bubbles in the line and had to pump the syphon. Result was a bit of foam in the keg. After about 6 litres, stopped using the auto syphon and picked the FV up and used my normal method of transferring from the tap to the keg. Reason for using auto syphon was to see if I could transfer without picking up the FV and putting it on the bench first. Dont think I will use the syphon again and now am concerned about the splashing / air bubbles being sucked in through the syphon causing oxidisation. Anyone had oxidized beer in a keg from a bad transfer method? If so how long does it take? Beer was about 3degC and has gone into cold keg and being force carbed.. Cheers James
  8. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone has ever kegged store bought beer? Was thinking maybe if buying a couple of cartons and keg hopping them for a bit of extra taste..? I have read a bit on the net but is a bit conflicting... Cheers James
  9. James Lao

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Put this one down today: Easy Amarillo Pale Ale 4.75kg Pale Ale malt 0.5kg White wheat malt 0.3kg Caramunich HOPS 15g Magnum 45 mins 20g Amarillo 10mins 20g Amarillo 5 mins 24 litres in fermenter 28 IBUs SG: 1.052 Really been enjoying the smoothness of Amarillo lately, nice and breezy...... Cheers James
  10. James Lao

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Put this one down the other day and is fermenting away nicely, but forgot to add the Whirlfloc as per other thread: CCCM IPA, 59 IBUs 1.059 4.75kg Maris Otter 0.5kg Munich 0.3kg Cararye 0.2kg sugar HOPS Chinook 15g 50min Cascade 30g 15min Citra & Mosaic 30g 10min Cascade 20g 5min Citra and Mosaic 10g 5min This is my first time doing my own malt bill and not buying the recipe packs straight from Brewmart. Have enjoyed all beers with Maris Otter, Munich and Cararye so far All these hops are in my top 5 as well, so hopefully it turns out well.. Cheers James
  11. James Lao

    Forgot to buy/add Whirlfloc

    It’s in Joondalup, Winton Rd, I think Storm Brewing. Just called and they have Whirlfloc so will be going in. Its either that or Greenwood, that’s we’re I used to go, but lately have been making the trek to Brewmart - it’s like Bunnings for beer in there I love it! Bit more geared for the AG brewer as well. Cheers James
  12. James Lao

    Forgot to buy/add Whirlfloc

    Hope so!! Cloudy IPA isn’t as bad I spose as cloudy Pilsner! Hopefully the taste won’t be affected too much but there is plenty of hops in there , maybe it will end up masking any off flavours..? Cheers James
  13. James Lao

    Forgot to buy/add Whirlfloc

    I managed to chill to 23degC within 30 minutes, pitched the yeast and set fridge to 18.5degC. Hopefully cooling down reasonably quickly will make the negative effects of not using finings not so bad? Have found a new HBS closer to me in Joondalup, will give them a ring today and see if they have Whirlfloc.. Also will be CCing and fining with gelatine, so will report back with the results.. Cheers James
  14. Hi all, Did a brew today on the Robo Chinook, Cascade, Citra and Mosaic IPA. Maris Otter, Munich and Cararye 1.059 and 59 IBUs I forgot to buy / add Whirlfloc to the brew. Anybody done this before and if so, what was the outcome? Got another brew planned for 4 days time, don’t know if I can get to the not so LHBS in time for it...... Will make a special trip if advice suggests .... The future looks cloudy....???? Cheers James
  15. James Lao

    Dry hop suggestion or nar??

    I have done the battleship and hobgoblin multiple times and think on occasion I have put a smidge of Cascade in as a dry hop. Just enough to give a bit of chocolate orangey thing going on. Worked for me. Cheers James