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  1. Hi Goodsy, I cold crash but only for a day or 2. I usually get my bottles at good carbonation after 7 days in the bottle. In the colder weather I have to keep them warm. I either put them in the ferment fridge set to 19-20degC, or in a big black plastic container (from Bunnings) and I will put a hot water bottle just filled from the kettle once a day or so. Cheers James
  2. Hi Christina, I have read Demerara / Brown sugar could give a metallic taste to beers? Did you get any of that with your ESB? I have just been reading about it on the web and some say it gives a caramel/butterscotch flavour - which sounds pretty good. Cheers James
  3. Was wondering about conditioning time/temp in bottles for this yeast. The bulk of my batch will be getting kegged and force carbonated, but was wondering about the 3-4 bottles I usually have from a batch - do they need to be at 30degC+, as well ..? Cheers James
  4. Got my order confirmed today. Can’t freakin wait!!
  5. Just read that it is best to pitch dry with this yeast? I am planning on a 1.060 beer, would have thought a starter is the go.. But maybe not 24 hours in advance?? Cant wait to try it! Cheers James
  6. Thanks Marty. Think I will give it a go on my next IPA at 30degC. Like the sound of it being done in a couple of days!! Woohoo!! Cheers James
  7. Hi brew legends, I am interested in using this yeast. What is the attenuation like? What temps do people usually ferment at? I am struggling to get my head around that 30-40degC is the best temp for these little fellas? Was thinking of using it in my normal IPA, maybe even an ESB? Cheers James
  8. Liverpool and Leeds champions 2020!!!! Who would have thought that eh! Well deserved and looking forward to seeing them back in the English Premier League, where they belong and hopefully will stay. Cheers James
  9. I do partials and haven't been using whirlfoc, but do use gelatine to fine the beer. After 3 days in the keg the beer is pretty bloody clear. Haven't noticed any off flavours from not using it. Have got some in the cupboard so will give it a go next time , 1/4 tablet for 12L boil? Cheers James
  10. Hi all, I have some Caramunich that I was thinking of using in the blender/bullet thingy. My brews are partials these days and my 2kg of base malt is cracked by my HBS. Was thinking I am not getting enough out of the specialty malts using the roller pins? Anyone using a blender type machine getting good results? Cheers James
  11. Hi DavidS47, I use the Ian H xl spreadsheet for recipe design etc., and have my grain efficiency entered in as 68%. Using 1.5kg of amber LME gives you about 19 gravity points (according to my spreadsheet at 24 litre volume). 1kg of pale ale malt will give you about 15 gravity points. I have been steeping in 4 litres for at least 1 hour at 64-66degC, sparge with 2L of 75degC water, then 30 min boil. I am using pre-bittered can of Coopers Lager for main bitterness, then 10 and 5 minute hop additions for aroma/flavour. Cheers James
  12. +1 to what Titan said. When I used to keg hop, the flavour/aroma is pretty bloody strong IMO. Stopped doing it because the hops were soaking up too much precious beer! But still worth a try if you want a big in your face kick of hoppy goodness! Cheers James
  13. Hi Karlos, I would defo raise the temp, I always do after day 3-4 anyway, to help things along Not sure about the yeast, might want to make a little starter as I think the alcohol in the brew now wouldn't be good for the yeasties.. As a starter it would have been making alcohol already so less chance of failure I suppose. What was your mash temp BTW? Cheers James
  14. Hi all, Was giving it big swigs of this one yesterday arvo! First partial, 4th day after kegging and it just keeps getting better! Loving the fresh Maris Otter malt flavour, bloody delish! How good is making your own great beer!! Cheers legends James
  15. Did my 2nd long and shoddy partial last night, for an ESB. Had 1.7kg of grain (1.5kg of Maris Otter and 0.2 of Caramunich II). Mashed for 2 hours in 8L, and sparged in 4L. Got 8.7L into fermenter at 1.042 SG (30 min boil). This gives me brewhouse efficiency at 68% Much happier with this, better sparge and drain has got me an extra 10% efficiency. The Caramunich was only cracked with a rolling pin, so might start getting this milled as well to improve efficiency? When pouring the grain in could really tell the difference from the rolling pin grain to the properly milled grain. Also had the oven set a bit higher this time so mash temp was 66-67degC when taken out of the oven. Can't wait to taste this one! Cheers James
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