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  1. Thanks fellas. Quite surprised how good the Zythos IPA is. Nice and hoppy, good value for money: 24 cans, 375ml Think they are one of those mercenary breweries, brewing for the big chains etc, which is a bit disappointing, but the proof is in the pudding, bloody nice beer Cheers James
  2. Ended going to Dan’s and getting Zythos IPA for $65. Think I have had this before at a BBQ and didn’t mind it. Will find out tonight anyway Cheers James
  3. Thanks Hairy Will give them a go Breaks my heart that 24 can cartons are a dying species. Always try and get one when buying commercial beer to last me the week. By the way has anyone tried Wilson’s Rough Seas pale ale?? Cheers James
  4. Thanks Classic Will give it a crack later on today Cheers James
  5. Hi Legends, Having a short break from brewing, so have to buy commercial beer Can’t bring myself to buy a 16 can pack most craft breweries do now. Has anyone tried Tinnies pale ale? Good value for a real (24 can) carton, gets good reviews but they could be fake. It’s meant to be brewed by Brick Lane which is encouraging. Think I will buy a couple before buying a full carton, dip the toe in the water. Cheers James
  6. Fairly similar though, see why the gypsum worked for you hoppy beers. That calculator on Brewers Friend is well worth a look. Cheers James
  7. Hey RD, My water profile is for Neerabup, which is Joondalup - Mindarie -Quinns Rocks etc ( South Geraldton if you live south of the river haha). The water Corp were pretty good I just rang the building / construction 13 number and the lady emailed the full report in 5 minutes. Couldnt find all the mineral salts required just from their normal water report on the website so ringing them was easy enough. Glad to hear Gypsum made a difference to your hoppy beers, really looking forward to giving it a go next brewday Cheers James
  8. Double post deleted. Crap wifi at work away!
  9. Hey Legends, In the brewers friend calculator I entered 3g of gypsum, for 13L and got all green stars for the balanced / hoppy water profile. 500g of gypsum is about $5-$10 at the LHBS I think. Will give it a go next brewday. Interested to see if I can notice any difference in the beer. Awesome - beer science! Cheers James
  10. Cheers for the replies fellas. Have had a look on the Brewers Friend calculator and it looks like my water is suited to very malty beers. To get to the Balanced / Hoppy profile I just need to add 2g of Gypsum. Does anyone know if this 2g is just for mash water (9L)or mash plus sparge water (14L)?? Cheers James
  11. Hey Legends, I am starting to read a bit about this subject now and am thinking of giving it a go, but... I am a partial mash brewer, use 9L of strike water and 4 L for sparge and the rest is carbon filtered tap water to top up volume and store bought ice to chill the hot wort. I usually get 80-85% Brewhouse efficiency from my mash and boil (I dont throw the trub though so thats probably increasing that value) My beers usually start at 1.059 and finish at 1.011-1.012 (US-05 1.5L starter and mash temp 66degC) As far as I see it my brew day and attenuation numbers are pretty good, so I was wondering what adjusting the brewing water would do to the final beer? I live in Perth and just got a water report emailed to me: Calcium: 48 Chloride: 131 Hardness: 163 Magnesium: 10 Sodium: 72.8 Sulphate: 13.8 pH: 7.4 I like to brew full bodied XPA's and IPAs usually. Dont want to change too much as I m happy with my beers but always looking to improve them if I can.. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers James
  12. Reviving this old thread. My next partial will not be using a Coopers pre-hopped can and want to do the bittering myself. Still going to use a can of Coopers LLME though. I have a fair bit of Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Amarillo on the freezer. Would the Mosaic be the best of of that bunch to do a bittering addition with dya reckon? Cheers James
  13. I asked for that one I spose! Mark Hughes - what a player! Cheers James
  14. Hi legends, Started off reading this forum, then getting into kits and bits almost 6 years ago. Went AG with a Robobrew then had a bit of a setback and a hiatus from brewing Am back now doing stove top / oven partials and kegging. Mash 2.25 Kg of grain in oven in 2 x 7L pots (4.5L water in each), because it is easier for me than 15L of hot wort haha. Do temp control, thought about water chemistry but haven’t got into it. I am a bit short and shabby tho, do 1-2 hour mashes but only 30-40min boils. Pour the lot from the mash in the FV and get super clear and tasty as beers ( clear with most yeasts apart from Kveik) Fast chill my wort with ice and have never had a problem. Love brewing, and enjoy reading about the science behind it, wish I wasn’t so committed financially and old(!) etc, otherwise I would definitely do a course in brewing and try to do the sea change too. Still , might win the lotto next week.! Love this brewing lark, love this forum as well, it is the only form of social media that I am on ( joined AHB, but have never really posted on it). May the brewing gods bless everyone of you. Beer is proof a greater being exists and wants us to be happy Cheers James
  15. Hey RD, Nice workshop mate Glad there’s no Man U posters up Keep meaning to get mine set up, this is the year I reckon! Cheers James
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