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  1. That’s awesome thanks for the replies. Will be heading into spotlight when I get back from this trip at work! Cheers James
  2. Hi Legends, Was thinking about getting the missus and or daughter to make a few brew in the bag, bags. We recently got a sewing machine for Covidmas. Is there much difference in the types of nylon you can buy and is there a special type of food grade nylon? Is the stuff you get from homebrew shops much different to the nylon netting they sell at spotlight etc? I have heard of people using nylon stockings for brewing purposes but am a bit wary when it comes to using (non) food grade stuff for brewing , but would like clarification if anyone knows.. Cheers James
  3. Hi Pilotsh, When I dry hop the nylon bag they go in is sprayed with Starsan a couple of minutes beforehand, to kill any nasties. Hops are antibacterial in nature as well, I am sure I have read somewhere, someone else will be able to confirm this I hope !! By adding them in at the end of fermentation, there is a fair amount of alcohol in the brew ( in mine it is usually 6% ABV), so it is harder to get infections in beer with alcohol in it as well, but not impossible... I make sure everything is well Starsanned and the lid is open for about 3.5 seconds! Cheers James
  4. Top work Pale Man!! I bloody love that hop combo and malt bill too! Cant go past it mate! Cheers James
  5. Hey Yatesy, I’m not a fridgey but I would say it’s knackered mate. Maybe someone on here is a fridgey and will chime in... Cheers James
  6. Yes mate, I do have a holy trinity of hops but it is Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe! Have been adding Cascade to this trio the last couple of brews to good effect. My palate doesn’t seem to pick up on the ‘catty’ flavours that Simcoe and Citra are reported to have. Was thinking of subbing the Simcoe out for Amarillo .. I have been getting a sharpness that I don’t like when I have used Galaxy the last few times so don’t think I will go it again. Hey Norris what is your go to combo? Amarillo is in there right? Cheers James
  7. I’m sure it will be be Pale Man!! Sort the the wheat from the chafe on grand final day eh!! Cheers and have a top Friday legends!!!
  8. Stay safe mate, brewing will never leave you, I had a hiatus for about 6-12 months but came back as a partial and mini mash brewer! Choke dee (good luck) James
  9. Partial 6 IPA SCCM 4 days in the keg, I know I always say this but think its my best ever! Usual recipe of Maris Otter, Munich, Coopers lager and LDME and Wheat DME This time did not use Caramunich, but Caramalt and upped the cascade in the dry hop. Seems a fair bit smoother and a little bit lighter looking this time round for some reason, think I will stick with caramalt and Cascade in the recipe, I forgotten how much I like it! Cheers James
  10. Hey Pale Man, I normally do 24 litre brews, sorry forgot to mention that! Thats gonna be a big beer mate!! Cheers James
  11. Thanks for the replies, Am thinking of going with an Aussie or NZ malt this time. It will only save a dollar or 2 but it’s good to mix it up eh! Cheers James
  12. Hi Legends, Was wondering what people’s preferences were for pale malt - maltsters etc., for doing pale ales / IPA’s? Since starting doing partials I have been mainly using Maris Otter, but was thinking of changing it up a bit and thinking of using some Aussie or kiwi types / brands. Simpsons v Gladfield v Joe White etc Cheers James
  13. My Kegland regulator that came with the Mk4 setup seems really slow when changing the pressure and find it creeps a fair bit when putting a new keg on gas , same as Shamus. Once its set its good as good though, but a bit fiddley the first day or 2. Didnt notice this with the Mk3 version, but now I am aware of it is getting easier to deal with it. Not sure about the Micromatic, Will also be interested to hear the results. Cheers James
  14. Krausen looks good to me mate, hopefully you will be OK
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