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  1. I like the cans - partly because it's SOOO much cheaper than buying beer in the bottle shop or (especially) on tap and it's much faster than AG brewing. Even with 1 partial mash I can have 2 brews in the fridge in less that 2.5 hours. And using Coopers cans as a base ensures a highly drinkable beer of a wide variety of types with minimum time spent. Plus I don't have to work out how to hold 5+ kg of wet grain above a pot while it drains.
  2. I've had pretty good experiences with other courier companies - deliver to the door in a few days from Sydney, for example.
  3. Just make sure the grinder does burrs not blades. EM0480 wound right out to coasrsest is perfect for mash. Blades make powder.
  4. BB ships up to 25kg to me for $8.50 - free works if I'm going to be in Adelaide but that's a damn good rate!
  5. I get mine from Beerbelly & it dissolves just great. CVery fine though - gotta be careful tipping it into the bowl on the scales or it can puff out and I have to clean sticky stuff off the counter. But I just tip it in, brief stir and it's dissolved.
  6. Hmm... I wonder what she thinks about changing the house locks? Make it a GOOD man cave, just in case!
  7. You recidivist! Everyone knows kegs are the way to go! (all those comedians looking for work and you want a job... )
  8. So, @Coopers DIY Beer Team - any heads up for us Home Brew types about potential bottlenecks in your products?
  9. Well, 1st I hardly ever buy bottle-o beer even before I started home brew & 2nd I think I'm OK for some time, given my stocks. I guess they've looked across at the States and figured they'd get in on the panic buy act?
  10. Maybe the PO guys are in training to go work luggage at the airports?
  11. I've got one of those - delivered but still showing they have it. The problem is this - covid does NOT explain what is going on. At best, the virus might explain a bit of delay in getting a parcel but it fails utterly as a reason for sending things to the wrong place, not just once but over and over. If Auspost is overworked they could reduce the workload by well over 100% by simply sending things where they are supposed to go. As it is they are rehandling packages 5 or more times.
  12. SO my package is now in Sydney again and my expected delivery is now 8 days away! Auspost is so far under 'incompetent' I can't think of a word bad enough! So much for the assurance "I've contacted Chullora and they will turn the parcel around!" They also happily lie - my tracking CLEARLY said Adelaide airport was sending it to Sydney and some idiot assured me in a FB message that she had checked the tracking and it was on it's way to me in MB. Pure lie! As evidenced by the next person to answer my msg who was the one who mentioned Chullora.
  13. I don't suppose they look a bit like the pair you were so 'gentlemanly' with at the races? 'cos we ALL got time for that... And hey, maybe a little elderly gentlemanly attention might convert them?
  14. She couldn't get away with that - 2 SA pints of my brews has her well-tipsy. 3 tends to have her verging to the blotto.
  15. Actually the MOST important factor you have left out... DOES SHE DRINK BEER! I struck lucky - SWMBO has always hated beer - I tried for a decade to get her to like something! Her spirits prefs were very expensive when we went out! Turns out I should'a just got into home brew - she likes what I make. She even contributes on occasion to the costs. Only thing she doesn't like is the grains smell when I'm doing mash/boils in the kitchen.
  16. BTW the 'boiling' point of alcohol is about 79°C - don't go boiling the brew to waster boil temps. I'd use a sous vide stick - beer in pot, stick clamped to side set at 80°, 30 mins timer. (at least - you could get lower ABV by leaving it longer but I think it's diminishing returns - i.e. 30 mins gets you to maybe 0.5%, 60 mins maybe 0.4%. You may need to look at something like a soda stream set up to carbonate if you don't have a keg system because the heating also evicts some of the CO2 in the beer.
  17. What Shamus said. I burned through a paint bag using the induction plate to do the warm up. It's faster than using the sous vide stick to bring the water up from ambient. 2400W versus 1000W.
  18. I got myself this one. $11.95 on ebay. SS but it's ebay so hopefully it's decent quality.Given I only do partials the legs may be too high so I'm thinking remove them and turn it upside down should do the trick.
  19. Right! Cos THAT'S gonna cheer me up... I don't suppose you had a few words with your neighbour? When we get mail for others in the street we wander down and stick it in their post box.
  20. The errant package above (not from Melb) just keeps rolling on. In transit to next facility in SYDNEY WEST NSW Mon 18 Oct, 7.44am Item processed at facility ADELAIDE AIRPORT SA Mon 18 Oct, 5.22am In transit to next facility in ADELAIDE AIRPORT SA Tue 12 Oct, 5.34am Item processed at facility PERTH AIRPORT WA Tue 12 Oct, 5.21am In transit to next facility in PERTH AIRPORT WA Mon 11 Oct, 2.10pm Item processed at facility PERTH AIRPORT WA Mon 11 Oct, 2.05pm In transit to next facility in PERTH WA Mon 4 Oct, 10.44pm Item processed at facility SYDNEY SOUTH WEST NSW Mon 4 Oct, 8.54pm So it's 6 days travel to Perth, spend a week there, get processed out, 6 days travel to Adelaide and then they send it back to SYDNEY? WTF??? Murray Bridge is just out of Adelaide. I'm thinking I should go stand on the side of the road and flag the bloody truck down - "STAND AND DELIVER!" comes to mind! Auspost has a notice onsite... "Your parcel may take longer than usual to arrive. We're experiencing delays due to a record number of parcels and major COVID-19 disruptions." It SHOULD read... Your parcel may take longer than usual to arrive. We're experiencing delays due to a record number of parcels wandering around the country while carefully avoiding being delivered!
  21. I remember seeing the plastic wig and that jacket out on the streets in Geelong and vague recollection of the mug and cup in shops. I was more dreaming of winkle-pickers. (pointy-toe shoes) Instead I got hand-me-down bovver boots.
  22. Taylor Swift's agent told her she needs to release a new album, so "go find someone to break up with!"
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