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  1. Never did consider this. This will work best. Cheers You are such a noble preist, thank you for you offer of services. I will let all my friends know of the services you are offering. LoL I ain't one to usually tip out beer, but flat beer is also a "No Go" for me.
  2. So plan on harvesting yeast from a 6 pack of Coopers Mild Ale. Will bottling the decantered beer and putting back in the fridge keep it carbinated? Or could/should I add some left over extract tin yeast to each bottle to help with carbination? Or can I only drink as much as I can, then tip the rest?
  3. I am from Southern Adelaide, Noarlunga area, most wollies and big w are out. But a local Drake store has slightly discounted some, I will keep an eye on them, this time last year they heavily discounted the entire Coopers range.
  4. Doing two batches of Lager for my son. Going to use a Lager yeast, probably Saflager W34-70 for both. Plan on fermenting around about 12 celsius, since I am going away and not sure how long till I get home. Was thinking tin of Coopers Lager, 1kg of BE2, 250g Light Dry Malt and 250g Brewing sugar then 1 tin lager, 1kg BE2, 250g Light dry malt and 200g Dextrose. Was thinking the first one will be a little more body, whilst the second one will be more dry finishing. Does this sound right? (sadly no funds or time to get Hops etc)
  5. Ain't EKG similar to Challenger hops? If any of the other hops you have are similar to Styrian Golding, use them and the LDM to make a Not So Authentic IPA. New acronym NSAIPA.
  6. So planned a "Brew A". Instead of Coopers commercial yeast, used Lallemad Windsor. Then realised I used a Lager and Pale Ale, instead of 2 Pale Ales. Also may have like doubled the hops at the beginning. Anyone have any idea what I can expect?
  7. Very keen too hear how it works out. I have a fridge for temp control.
  8. So I am thinking of doing a twist on the LIGHT GERMAN BOCK Was thinking in a 10L brew using 1x Coopers Lager 1x LDM Cold steeping 200g of Crystal Malt (I have some needing to be used, actually have about 800g) So do you guys think this will at least be drinkable? And what yeast could I use? TIN yeast should still be ok, but happy to buy a specialty one.
  9. So I have some E.K.G. and Challenger hops needing to be used. Looking for recipes ideally but also ideas for what types of beers to use these hops in. I do have some Coopers PA, Lager and Real PA tins. Could I use them in these? If so how or when? Cheers for your help in advance
  10. Very simply, what sort of shelve life could I expect from tins of malt exract? Thinking of buying bulk amounts and storing in the beer proofing cupboard (nice consistent temp)
  11. A Ginger Nut Stout. Now that sounds great. If it works, PLEASE OH PLEASE share.
  12. I use a 3 stage process. Immediately after filling each bottle, I do the lid firm. After filling all bottles, go through them, and nip them up. Then as I place them in the cupboard to condition, double check to ensure all is tight. I also ensure that the order is different for each stage.
  13. So bought the Vintage Ale "19 kit. Have mates coming over from Interstate around Xmas. I know the retail versions keep for years. If I bottle in glass is there any reason I can't expect the same? Anything I would need to pay particular attention to or change to make this work? Thanks in advance
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