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  1. GingerNuts81

    What to do?

    So I have been given a gift of 12 long necks of Sparkling Ale for my birthday (a day or two ago). I really want to capture the yeast and culture it for a few brews. But I wont be doing any brewing for at least the next 9 weeks or so, if not more closer to say 13 weeks. So do I , store the beer and harvest the yeast when I can (8-13weeks time)? or do I drink them in (8-13weeks time) and not worry about the yeast? Does storing them in a fridge (say between 2-3 celsius, with tight temp control) help prolong the time I can keep them before harvesting the yeast?
  2. GingerNuts81

    Is this the look of an infection?

    I aint no pro, but just be sure to clean and sanitise your stuff well. Then make sure it is sealed, after that, wait till it has aged in a bottle before worrying about infections. Well, thats what I do.
  3. GingerNuts81

    Marathon beer?

    I personally would not suggest even doing a half with the flu. But hay you aint me. Best of luck man
  4. GingerNuts81

    Marathon beer?

    Bugger dude, Is it your first? Just do the typical fluids, and rest with plenty of healthy eating. Best of luck What is your expected finish time you were wanting?
  5. GingerNuts81

    Can you calculate a FG target?

    Cheers guys, this helps me a lot
  6. GingerNuts81

    Can you calculate a FG target?

    I used a tin of both Stout and Pale Ale 1kg of Brew Sugar 800g Dextrose (what I had left in the box) 500g of LDM As for yeast, I used both tin yeast and two Mr Beer craft yeasts (iirc from IPA and North Western PA) Does this help?
  7. I just made a Toucan Stout with a twist or two. But my OG is 1.080. Just wondering if there is a means to figure out what sort of FG I might be expecting?
  8. So use all 6 stubbies in one brew? Could I use 3 long neck bottles insted? Local has a sale on the PA
  9. GingerNuts81

    Jailhouse Juice results

    I have mine fermenting ATM, wasn't planning on adding the zest myself. I do like the colour of it
  10. GingerNuts81

    Marathon beer?

    A beer for a marathon, I would wont 0 fizz. No hops. Sweeter the better. A beer themed for a marathon, would be something with a slow smooth taste that sits on the palate for an extremely long time. As for being a crazy runner, well no normal person will run 42k.
  11. GingerNuts81

    Coopers Recipe Spreadsheet

    Hi James, You are obvisiouly some sort freak of nature with excel. because what you have done is amazing. Just wonder though, on the Recipe Scaler, where you have Anzac Ale, could you not have a drop down menu thing, which you can select a recipe, then it auto fills the ingredients table? I peronsally have very little knowledge if this is possible or how difficult.
  12. GingerNuts81

    It is Cheating - isn't it?

    Sounds like a worthy return or your time invested if you ask me.
  13. GingerNuts81

    What would happen if I mix Stout & P.A.?

  14. So looking into possibly doing a toucan mix. I currently have a tin of Coopers Stout and 2x Pale Ale. Is mixing Stout and Pale Ale a good idea with say a kilo of brewing sugar and 500g of LDM? Do have hops to add if needed as well. As a guide I tend to like malty dark beers. Dont mind sweet citrus smell's or flavour, but prefer them in the warmer weather.
  15. GingerNuts81

    Lamp for temp control

    Why not wrap the FV with the foil? Or just fold some cardboard to create a light trap (if still worried about fire, wrap the cardboard in foil, the foil will dissipate the heat very well)