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A guy goes for a beer

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A guy walks into a pub sits at the bar and orders a beer. Behind him at a table there is a big burly looking bikie. The bikie walk up behind him and cracks him on the neck, knocking him to the floor. The bikie looks at him and says "that's Karate, from China. The guy gets back up, sits on his stool and starts drinking his beer. A few minutes later the bikie walks back up and kicks him in the head and says "thats Taekwondo from Korea". Again he ends up on the floor. He gets back up and continues drinking his beer. A few minutes later the bikie is there again and grabs him and throws him to the ground. The bikie stands over him and says, "that's Jiu-Jitsu from Japan". Well the guy has had enough and leaves. Half an hour later the guy walks back in, goes straight to up to the bikie and knocks him out cold. The guy turns to the barman and says "when that douche bag wakes up, tell him that was a shovel from Bunnings.


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