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  1. If Geoff Toovey was coaching my brew, he would say "there has to be an investigation into this. Someone has to be held accountable". Thanks for reminding me of the drubbing you guys gave us. I still have nightmares about it. The brews been down for 12 days now and is looking good. Haven't taken a hydrometer reading as yet but will do so over the next day or so. Cheers, Mate.
  2. Thanks for your response, Peter.
  3. I'm currently brewing a European Lager. After 24 hours I had a nice krausen that was gone after around 48 hours. Then for about 3 days there was a lot of small bubbles rising to the surface, really active. Then on the 6th day I noticed a second krausen had formed that lasted around 24 hours. I haven't had this happen before and I'm wondering if this is something anyone here can comment on? I used, I can coopers European Lager 500g Ldm 1kg Dextrose 7g supplied Lager yeast 11.5g 34/70 Lager yeast. OG: 1042 (Hydrometer may be a little out) I know I might be a bit heavy on the Dex, but I was using up what I had on hand. Cheers, Dave.
  4. Thanks Christina, I'll see how they go. Fingers crossed. Cheers, Dave.
  5. I had a coopers dark ale in my fv and noticed a few spots of what looked like mould. It also seemed to have a slight skin covering the surface. I usually bottle around the 14 day mark, but had left this a little longer at 19 days. I poured a sample and it smelt and tasted fine so decided to bottle it. I made sure when bottling not to go below the tap on the fv so I wouldn't get anything from the surface into the bottles but by then the few spots had gone so I'm thinking they ended up in a few of the bottles. Should I give them a couple of weeks and see if their ok or does it sound like a lost cause. Thanks, Dave.
  6. Picked up my bottle tree from LHBS for $36. Holds 63 bottles. Seen them on eBay for similar price.
  7. I had the same problem that is now solved. In another thread titled "Where to buy a bottle rinser/sanitizer online", Graculus provided some photo's where he used a screw on bottle cap with some holes drilled into it fitted to the nozzle of the rinser. Works a treat. Cheers, Dave.
  8. Go the Mighty Sea Eagles I find having Supercoach players involved makes the games more enjoyable.
  9. Manly and Parra had some great games through the 80's. My Pop was a Parra fan and used to take me to Cumberland Oval to watch the games. My teams name is "Ulyssian".
  10. The footy is almost back I really enjoy playing NRL Supercoach (Fantasy Football) as I'm way to old to lace up the boots for the real thing anymore. I was wondering if anyone else here gets in to the Supercoach thing? I'm a Manly Sea Eagles die hard, who do you support?
  11. Totally disagree mate - I reckon everone should buy a bottle rinser as they make things a lot easier [cool] I know this is an old thread but does anyone know how muddy adapted the sprite lid? I can't see the pics he originally had posted. Cheers, Dave.
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