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Hoppy Hefe


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This is a beer I brewed a while ago. I really liked Malt Shovel's Hoppy Hefe and I based this recipe on a creation by Browndog from AHB. Well I really just ripped it off but converted it to a partial mash brew with some minor tweaks [innocent]


I have been sampling it along the way and it took a long time to condition and settle down; probably due to the amount of late hopping.


But if you have the patience to wait then it will turn into a really nice hoppy ale that, despite the ABV, is actually quite sessionable.


1.5kg Liquid wheat malt

2.3kg Ale Malt

1.2kg Wheat malt

250g Caramalt


Motueka (6.5%) - 20g @ 30 minutes

Citra (13.5%) - 20g @ 30 minutes

Motueka - 45g @ 1 minute

Citra - 45g @ 1 minute

Motueka - 25g Dry hop

Citra - 25g Dry hop


Safale K-97 yeast

21 litres

Mashed at 66 degrees


OG - 1059

FG - 1015

IBU - 46

ABV - 6.3%


This is also an easy recipe to convert to an extract brew. Calculate a malt bill to be 60% barley and 40% wheat. I think Coopers wheat is 50/50 so you can use this with some LDM plus some dex to get the OG and FG in line.


As I said earlier, it has 180g hops in it and 140g of those are late, so it does take a while to calm down. But it is worth it in the end.

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