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Sleeman Honey Brown Larger


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Has any body out there in Home Brew World have a recipe for SLEEMAN HONEY BROWN LARGER from Canada.I am very keen to try it as friends who have traveled to Canada have raved about how good it tastes



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You may have to wait for some of our Canadian friends log in.


Chad may be able to help. Although he will just use it as an opportunity to tell us how great honey malt is and how it isn't available here [biggrin]

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I've never heard of this beer before but I've searched around and it seems that there is fair residual sweetness which requires late honey addition. This back sweetening would tend to make it unsuited for bottling (due to unfermented sugars) but would be more achievable if kegging.


Either way if you google it you may have more luck finding info if you call it a lager rather than a larger....common mistake but google isn't always forgiving.

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I have to say that this brew is quite nice and I have sampled it many, many times. I am sorry to say that I have no idea how it might be cloned.


If I was to give a guess I'd go:


2Kg DME (Light)

.25Kg Crystal 80L (Medium)

.25Kg Honey Malt (if you can get it[bandit] ) OR

.5Kg honey (added @ Flame-out)

.25Kg Dextrose (optional)

use a german style hops for bittering and flavour (IBU's 15)


US-05 ferment as low as you can (15C) then lager at 2-4C for 2 weeks to 2 months


Give it a go

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