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Wheat beer query


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A few weeks ago I was in Melbourne & tried a couple of Cavalier Brewing Weizens, using them to wash down a parmi I was hellbent on destroying.


I have been looking at trying a wheat beer & thought I would put this down:


1 x Coopers Wheat Beer concentrate

1kg dry wheat malt

Danstar Munich yeast

21 litres

ferment @ 21 deg.


I know there are plenty of recipes out there with coriander & orange zest, but I was looking at what this would be like before pimping it next time if needed.


Would this be drinkable or a very bland beer?

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Coriander and orange zest are used in Belgian style Wits, like Hoegaarden.


You are making a beer in the style of a Bavarian hefeweizen, which is what the Cavalier Weizen is.


This should be nice. No need to add aroma or flavour hops, the flavour will come from the wheat malt (a little tartness) and the yeast. I haven't used the Dansar Munich so I can't really comment on it.


I brewed a Weizen not long ago. Coopers wheat kit, 1kg wheat malt and yeast. That was it. It was the quickest brew I had put down in a long time but it was very tasty.


I used Wyeast 3056: Bavarian Wheat Blend and fermented at 23 degrees.


A perfect beer for summer, so I will be brewing another wheat later this year.


Give it a go and let us know how you go.

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I don't know much about Danstar Munich yeast so perhaps you should do a search on what esters and phenols are to be expected from different temps.


Or just brew it and see if you like it [devil]

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