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Hopping Scedule Help

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Hi Guys, just need some help with the below recipe I found in cyber land. Unfortunately it did not give a hopping rate for the recipe,only the amount. Also I do not have any amarillo so would centennial or cascade be a ok replacement?

Any help appreciated.



1.5kg Black Rock East India Pale Ale

1.5kg Briess Liquid Pilsen Malt

400g Munich Grain

250g Crystal Grain

500g Ldme

75g Citra Hop pellets

25g Amarillo Hop Pellets

Safale US-05 Yeast


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Perhaps it is a hop schedule Dave is after.


Dave, Phil is correct about mashing the Munich.


Another option is to replace the pilsen malt with 1.5kg Briess Liquid Munich Malt extract and scrap the munich grains.

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