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Well how about this?


I get down to my local RSL for a beer on the way home, order my usual Coopers Pale Ale, and the Secretary Manager comes charging out of his office and asks me, "Do you notice anything?"


Sure enough, next to the Pale Ale tap, there are 2 new ones. Sparkling Ale and TC Celebration Ale. Believe it or not, I had never tried the Celebration Ale before.


What a cracker!!! I have a new favourite beer. I will be brewing that one next.


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I like the Celebration Ale but have never tried it on tap. I only ever find the Pale Ale on tap and even then most places serve it at around 2 degrees [devil]


The flavour really only comes out in the pale ale as it starts to warm up.


Most of the feedback on the Celebration Ale recipe has been really good, you should definitely give it a go.

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Thanks Hairy


I'll definitely be brewing Celebration Ale after this brew (straight up Coopers Pale Ale).


At my local, there was only Coopers Pale Ale and then all the usuals (VB, New etc)


When I saw the Sparkling Ale and the Celebration had been added, I was so stoked.


I convinced about 8 New & VB drinkers to give the Celeb Ale a go. I converted 6 [wink]

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