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Hopped up APA


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After already reading quite a few recent threads on the forum, I just wanted some thoughts on the following recipe, as I've never used Galaxy hops before. I had a few bits & pieces lying around & put this recipe down earlier today.


Coopers APA tin

150gm LDM

1kg Maris Otter

250gm Dark wheat malt grain (approx. 13-14EBC)

150gm CaraPils

100gm Medium crystal

Mashed grain bill @ approx 67C for 1 hour.


Strained & rinsed with 1.5 litres of 67C water to make approx 6L volume. Brought to the boil & boiled for 30mins then added in the hops.


Cascade 10gm for 10mins.

Galaxy 20gm for 5mins.

Cascade 15gm for 5mins.

Galaxy 20gm @ flameout.

Cascade 10gm @ flameout.

Cascade 15gm dry hop after 5-6 days.

US-05 yeast pitched dry @ 22C & will reduce in brew fridge to 18C over the next 12-18hrs.



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Hey CC, I haven't put the recipe into any brewing software so I am not sure what the 'numbers' look like. I would guess it was around 4.5% ABV. Just a couple of comments though.


Are you saying that you are boiling for 40 minutes? It is usually recommended that you boil the wort for 60 minutes to minimise DMS; but you should be fine with 40 minutes and only 1kg of base malt.


I like galaxy but it can be a little full on sometimes. I would probably take 10g from either the 5 minute or flame out addition and dry hop with that instead.


But I have re-read your post I now see that you have already brewed it [biggrin]


So just ignore my comments and let us know how it turns out. If you find that the galaxy is a bit rough at first then give it some extra time in the bottle and it will calm down.

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Thanks for the reply Hairy. (Nice to meet you)


As it was with a kit, I didn't see the need to evaporate the wort any further by boiling the grain wort beyond 30mins to minimize DMS, & it wasn't a big grain bill. If I taste butterscotch I'll know I screwed up there! [pinched] [lol]


By my calcs, it should end up approx 4.9% ABV in the bottle, 4.5% in the keg. I like hoppy beers so lets hope it turns out 'hoppy'. [biggrin]



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