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G'Day All,


I love a good wheat beer and have been struggling to find some good recipes on the forum.


Has anyone got any recipes floating in their black book or a different take on the standard coopers recipe? Any hop additions would be helpful too.


Appreciate any recipes you can throw my way...




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Most of the wheat beer flavour is generated by the yeast. The best thing you can do for your beer is to use a decent liquid wheat beer yeast.


Below is a link to some Wyeast wheat beer yeasts:


Wyeast - Wheat Beer Yeast


I have used the Wyeast 3056 and fermented it at 23 degrees. It turned out more subtle then I was hoping. Next time I will try the 3068.


As for a recipe just keep it simple; they are simple beers. Wheat beer kit and liquid wheat malt will do the job.


Use a noble hop like Hallertau but use in moderation. The wheat malt and yeast should be the focus.

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For something tasty and simple:


wheat beer kit

1kg wheat dme

300g carapils steep (optional)

250g dex (optional)


boil grated rind of 2 oranges (just the orange part)and 15 grams of cracked coriander seed for 10 minutes


WB06 yeast


Ferment at 22ish.


It makes a great wheatbeer that's ready to drink after just a few weeks in the bottle.


Drinking one right now... [biggrin]

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Thanks Fellas,


Any views on Wheat DME v Liquid Wheat Malt? ive used DME with good results previously.


Im going to drop into the LHBS on the weekend to have a chat as well...

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High fermentation temperature is key for the Wyeast 3944 Hoegaarden strain which is fairly neutral at 70F, and gets good at 79F. Appears 3944 needs to stress a bit to create flavors.


Use the lemony oblong shaped greenish color coriander, not the brown round soapy stuff.


We like to add a vodka citrus zest extract, use the zest only of your favorite citrus lemons(my favorite), or limes, or oranges,etc. add 2oz vodka, cover with cling wrap, let steep for at least a few days then strain out the solids and add the liquid only at bottling time to maximize flavor addition which reduces over time.


Just re-cultured the yeast from a bottle of Unibroue La Fin Du Monde = Wyeast 3864-PC Canadian/Belgian Ale. Read some brewery tour posting that "La Fin du Monde is brewed at 25C for primary fermentation, 32C for a very short secondary (near the very end of ferment) and bottle conditioned at 27C.". Had it on the stir plate for a few days then pitched into a Coopers Cerveza kit with dex only to make an easy beer. When completed then rinsed/washed to save the yeast for future brews.

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