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Non alcoholic beer recipe help.


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My father's been a tee-totaller all his life.

Last year he went to Germany with work and had a (non alcoholic) beer.

His reaction was 'I dont see what the fuss is about'


I want to knock his socks off with a non alcoholic version of Fruit Salad.


Because it's non alcoholic, I only want to make a gallon (I have demijohns sitting around).


So... Any ideas on a recipe?


Here are the criteria:

1 - tastes like fruit salad

2 - keeps a head

3 - recipe for 5 liters

4 - doesnt matter if its all grain or extract (kit at a push, but it will put the rest of my plans back by a fortnight)

5 - Must be non alcoholic (ie 0.5% or less), fermentation for carbonation only!


For those who think it's a burden, sorry.

For those who think it's a challenge, game on!

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An Irish tee-totaller? I've never heard of that before. [lol]


Anyway, I have no idea either.. if you were to make a recipe that only came out at 0.5% it would be decidedly thin and watery with very little flavour I would think. The only other way I can think is to boil it after fermentation to remove the alcohol (if that works [unsure]) but then of course you'd have to add more yeast for the bottle fermentation/carbing.

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