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Leftovers again

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I'm not the type that has a lot of "stock" to choose from - I certainly don'y buy in bulk - so due to having to buy certain minimum quantities of things I often end up with a few left-over ingredients.


Right now I have:

250g Chocolate Grains

550g Light Dry Malt

80g Cascade Hop Pellets


Any ideas for a kit based recipe (preferably an OS or International kit so that I don't have to go any further than Big W) based on this?

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A while ago I did a Pale Ale kit with a couple of extras. Steeped 250g carapils and 150g caramalt for 30mins. Then did a 30 min boil with the following additions of cascade:- 20g @ 5 mins; 20g @ 1 min. Added 1kg of DME. Dry hopped 25g on day 5.


This turned out to be a very nice brew [love] [love]

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