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Summer's on its way and SWMBO would like me to forego one of my own experiments for one of my experiments on her behalf, which brings us to cider.


So, first up, I'm puzzled over the whole sweetness vs. bubbles thing. Yeast kills sweetness but creates bubbles, right? So if I'm bottling (and I am) there won't be a way to add any sweetness. This is not really much of an issue as she'd prefer a dry cider anyway, but how do people do it? Leave the yeast - no sweetness. Kill the yeast - no bubbles. Anyway, I digress ...


Basically my question is: what are the main methods of making a cider? I see that kits are available, but I've also heard of people just using apple juice, and I'm also pretty sure you can just grind up a bunch of granny-smiths if you want too, right? So yeah, what different methods are available and what are the pros and cons of each?


That'll do for now - more questions to follow, I'm sure!

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Hiya Ruddager.


After viewing your question, I simply typed, "Quick recipe for making cider" into the Google search engine.


This was the top link.


Cider making from Raw Ingredients


Even if you don't plan to adopt this method, it's still worth the read. I did.


No, I wasn't trying to be a 'smart-arse' about your question.


Good luck with your cider brewing, & I hope the link helps. [cool]



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Hmm, funny stuff this cider. I'm pretty sure it's fermenting, but the only signs are condensation and little bubbles escaping from it. There's no foam to speak of at all! I probably ought to take a reading in a few days to see what's going on.


[edit] Ok so it turns out that (as usual) I didn't wait those few days and tested it straight away instead. Well, it's been fermenting like crazy! Currently at 1.012 from an OG of 1.039. I think it should be almost down to 1.000 by the time it's finished though so there's a bit to go, but cider is supposed to ferment slowly, isn't it?

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