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Mate I've made IPA just as per instructions on the can.

I can only say it was/is an excellent beer.

And it gets better with age. It was nice at one month and now nine months later it is drinking better still.

I made it in the summer time and it was quite hot so it fermented rather quickly.

I've just bottled a second batch which was fermented during some cold weather, this time using a true lager yeast, and it took a month to ferment so I expect this one to be nicer still.

If you like a hoppy beer with plenty of flavour, this one's for you.

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If there were two Kits I would do without hops they would be the IPA and English Bitter.


Actually I wouldn't do them without hops; I would hop them up, especially the IPA.


The IPA without hops would make a nice beer but the IPA with bucket load of hops would make a spectacular beer.

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