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This is Stella - a late hopped IPA


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No it isn't a clone of Stella Atois, it's using Stella hops with the IPA kit. Turns out a really nice drop only my 2nd IPA but better than my previous, which was the Kilted. I had them both from the keg and this one has had more time to mature. I am thinking despite what is commonly said 2 - 3 months in the keg is still the magical number.

1.7 kg Coopers IPA can

750g Light Dry Malt

400g Medium Crystal 120

150g dextrose

10g Stella 7 mins 15g

Stella 3 mins 25g

Stella steeped 30 mins and added on day 4

12g S04 pitched @ 17'C

OG 1.040 FG 1.009 after 14 days in FV around 4.2%, and 42 IBU

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That's the one. Mine were grown at Bushy Park by Hop Products Australia. The hop is certainly as per Muddy's quotation although the Anise is very subtle, perhaps it will come to the fore with age. If so it's good that I bottled few.


Apparently it is an aroma hop with options, I am about to put down my first full extract brew and pending how it goes I will be looking to do a single hopped Stella brew as a follow up.



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Sorry for the bump, because this post was made under my previously burned identity I can't edit it.


This hop is now known as Ella, the notes from Hop Products Australia are the same as the original Stella hop.

Also I noted that my hop schedule has a typo so from my notes:

Ella Hops

10g @ 7 mins

15g @ 3 mins

25g steeped for 30 mins and added on day 4.


At this stage I had an aversion to dry hoping, that has now passed and 25g dry hoped on day 4 will I believe produce a better result.


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