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Irish Red


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I\u2019ve just found the Irish Red recipe on the Coopers site and am keen to give it a go.


The recipe is listed as

1.7kg Australian Pale Ale beer kit

500g Coopers Light Dry Malt

100g Crystal Malt

50g Roasted Barley

Yeast under the lid or an ale yeast of your choice


Just wondering if anyone has made this before and if it goes alright?

Or if anyone has any tips to make it better?


I\u2019m thinking about using a can of malt extract instead of the LDM and also adding some hops?


Any tips, tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I tasted a mate's Irish Red yesterday (not the coopers recipe though sorry) and he said the Irish Red's are all about the malt, as the Irish didn't have hopses. I don't know where that info comes from.


He had the aroma right - there was a Celtic Red I had in Ireland that his smelt like. Really caramelly aroma. But it was too early and tasted a bit green.

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Don't know if this helps or not, but I've been using a grain called 'Caraaroma' in some of my AG brews and just a wee bit of it turns any brew a lovely red colour. When used sparingly the flavour is absolutely beautiful. When I've gone too far over 100g it tasted a bit weird though. Learnt that the hard way! [lol] [biggrin] [lol] [biggrin] [bandit]


Long story short, I reckon a touch of that would go nice with the Crystal.

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Thanks for the Replies Philbo and Adam,


Sounds like I should give the hops a miss this time [crying]


I haven\u2019t heard of the caraaroma before? But will hit up my LHB guy next time I\u2019m there.


I\u2019ve already got some crystal and barley so will stick with that this time but I\u2019m thinking I will either use either a can of the Morgans caramalt instead of the LDM or maybe half a can plus the LDM.


I\u2019ll let you know how it turns out.


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