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Pale Ale / Nelson Sauvin


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G'day brewers,

I'm looking to brew some more "everyday beer" after spending the last few batches doing things like ESVA, hop gobbler, RIS etc.

I love the aroma that the ESVA has but obviously can't knock them down like a 4 or 5% beer. If I want to do a simple brew with Coopers APA and BE2 or malt, whats the best way to use the Nelson Sauvin hops. I dry hopped the ESVA and it's great. My preference is aroma over bitterness, but don't mind adding a bit of flavour.

I actually like APA as it is for everyday, but wouldn't mind tarting it up a little. I also like the mild ale recipe from this site, which has saaz hops steeped for 15mins.

I hope this gives an idea of the type of flavour I'm after.

BTW, did the Coopers Brewery tour earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the bit at the end where you taste 10 beers and then wife drives home!

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I checked my recipe. I did dry hop after a couple of days for extra hoppy goodness.

I didn't use any dex, so it was this recipe...



1.5Kg BLACK ROCK AMBER MALT (the store didn't have any Coopers)

350g DME

30g CASCADE & 30g NELSON 10 MIN (or maybe 15, my record keepin needs work)



23 L


10g Nelson after day 3


Had some friends over when it was 1.5 weeks in the bottle and we thought we'd test one. We ended up drinking 6


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I made a pretty simple everyday brew just making the Coopers APA to instruction and dry hopping 21g of Nelson Sauvin on day three.


The pros are definitely that it is a simple task to make and the outcome is great.


The cons are... I'll leave that to you to decide.

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