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Sure have, I didn't do anything fancy with mine except a kilo of malt with the kit. I didn't mind it, it wasn't as good as the two can stout.


I actually remember it having poor head retention where as most of my beers have really good head retention

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Matt, wouldn't the kilo of malt make it a little sweet? I was thinking of say 300 of Wheat Malt and 200 of Light malt. Thought the wheat might improve the head. Watchya reckon?



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I made it recently loosely based on the Best Extra Stout and Irish Stout recipes.


Brewmaster Irish Stout to 22l

500g dark dry malt

500g Dry wheat Malt

500g Dextrose

OG 1.047, pitched at 22C

Brewed at 18C

FG 1.014

Primed @ 6g per liter.

ABV (aprox)4.8%


Its bottled about 5 weeks now, tastes realy good.

It pours with a decent head but doesn't hold it great.

Pretty much the kind of head I'd expect from any bottle or can of stout.

That's probably my fault though, because I don't keep them in the fridge before drinking. I just stick them in there for a while to get a few degrees cooler than air temperature because I don't like cold stout.


I'll crack open a bottle now and if anything else springs to mind i'll add it to the post later.

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Lots of things sprung to mind, but i got a taste for it and kept going. Then i forgot the reason i was 'imbibing'. [pinched]


Overall, yum. brew it!


Maybe prime a little higher than 6g per liter. the stout itself was great, but the head was lacking.

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A little off the topic but one thing I noticed with my head retention was when I swapped to iodopher for a sanitiser the head retention just wasn't there (I swap between iodopher and starsan when I run out of one to keep the nasties on their toes).


Once I went back to starsan all is well with the head retention again. Weird!!!!

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