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hi all,


i bought a couple of the James Squires IPAs today. to be honest, i was a little disappointed by the lack of flavour. it makes me want to brew one - strong, flavoursome with that beautiful red tinge.


so what do i need? will the coopers IPA extract do the job?


what could i add in terms of grains? i have light crystal, roasted wheat and and chocolate malt.


i have a freezer full of hops - off the top of my head, cascade, galaxy, nelson sauv, amarillo, east kent goldings and fuggles.


i have saf04 yeast, which i presume will be ideal.


anyone want to help me out with extracts and malts to buy? and which hops and grains to use?


edit: I also have magnum hops that I don't remember buying. they're a bittering hop so might come in handy.

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I just bottled my first IPA last night. My recipe went like this:



1kg LDM

250g Dex

100g Caramalt grain + 100g Medium Crystal (leftovers)

5g Cascade @ 15min

5g Nelson @ 15min

5g Cascade @ 5min

5g Nelson @ 5 min

10g Cascade & 10g Nelson dry hopped on Day 4


Rehydrated kit yeast. Made 23 Litres. Bulk primed with 140g Dex.


I wasn't too sure on the amount of Nelson I used because it's really overpowering, but from the samples it seems to work. [happy]

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well, it turned out i still had a Black Rock East India PA can that i bought about 4 months ago. so i was able to put the brew down with stuff that i had in the cupboard, fridge and freezer. my next brew, the stout that was due to be next, will also be done without having to buy anything. win :)


it went like this


Black Rock East IPA can

coopers LLM can

250g medium crystal

500g BE2

500g dextrose

20g magnum hops @ 60 mins

14g cascade hops @ 10 mins (thought i had more than that :( )

20g amarillo hops @ 10 mins


it came out with an OG of 1064, which is about the midpoint of what i hope will be a fairly classic American IPA - apart from the Saf-04 (rehydrated) yeast that I had to use.


it hasn't got that classic red tinge that i love in an IPA - i was going to try and add a little bit of roasted wheat malt to see whether that helped, but using Ian H's spreadsheet, it was too hard to make it work, and while i'm not a stickler for style, i wanted the IPA to be as authentic as i could get it.its 56 IBUs, which is on the high end, and 13 EBC, which is on the low end.


i'll dry hop it on day 3 - i'm tossing up whether to do it with 20g of amarillo of 10-15g of nelson sauv.


i'm open to advice - although i need it by tuesday night!


the other tremendous win was that it was by far and away my cleanest brew day yet. it's all gone so smoothly, i'm inspired to have my first go at rinsing the yeast when it's finished fermenting.

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