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Making an IPA without IPA extract? Recipe help please.


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I need some recipe advice all!


I live overseas, and will be moving back home soon, and promised my wife I wouldn\u2019t be ordering any more supplies(shipping is expensive). I have about 6 months, should be enough time to get one more brew in, but I'll be working with just what I have on hand.


All I have on hand as far as Malt goes is 2 traditional Draughts prehopped. The recipe I originally got it for is the coopers strong ale, and it supposed to be 6% abv and have strong cascade characteristics. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the following into an IPA?(In Italy, it is impossible to find an IPA, and I very much miss them)


I am not really sure If It is possible to make these no boil items into 60 minute boils?? I know these kits are unnexessary to boil, but will it do them any harm? I am also unaware on how to add up the IBU's??


Anyone willing to take a shot and put the following into a 50 IBU 6-6.5% ABV recipe?




On hand....


2 x 3.5lb coopers traditional Draught prehopped

1/2 lb light dry malt

1/2 lb amber candy sugar

1 lb D-90 syrup

1/2 pack(think its a 1/2 kg) Brew enhancer 1




4 oz Cascade leaf (6%)

1 oz Chinook Pellet(11.8%)

1 oz Millennium Pellet(14%)

1/2 oz Hallertau Pellet(7.2%)

3/4oz New Zealand Motueka Pellet(7.1%)



Safbrew S-33

2X Nottingham

Coopers Lager

Coopers Ale



So, any opinions?

Thanks in advance!


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You could do a toucan brew with the 2 Coopers Draught kits to achieve the bitterness without a hop boil. Made to 23 litres, the two draught kits will give you an IBU of 62 (I think).


Then add your hops of choice for flavour & aroma.


I haven't tried a Draught toucan so I can't comment on the taste.

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AdamH : I realized as I was posting it I should have made it into Metric but was unable to take the time at that time, so here that is:


2 x 1.7kg coopers traditional Draught prehopped

.227kg light dry malt

.227kg amber candy sugar

.454kg D-90 syrup

.500kg Brew enhancer 1

Honey, brown sugar, rolled oats etc etc.



113g Cascade leaf(6%)


28g Chinook Pellet(11.8%)

28g Millennium Pellet(14%)

14g Hallertau Pellet(7.2%)

21g New Zealand Motueka Pellet(7.1%)



Safbrew S-33

2X Nottingham

Coopers Lager

Coopers Ale


Hairy: Ok, so 2 cans of draught will have a decent amount of bitterness to it already from what I am reading(had no clue what toucan brew meant), think I'll toss a few more fermentables in it to increase some malt, as well as make a fairly strong hop tea for flavor and aroma.


I was very curious about the effects of boiling these no boil kits, but from reading I think i discovered it just boils off some of the hop presence, which I could always just add a little more at the beginning of the boil if I wanted to, but I think I just decided to make some tea with my little bit of DME.


Thank you both!

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Both cans plus the BE1, LDME & Candi Sugar.

All the Motueka & all the Chinook in a 2 litre 1.040 boil for 15 mins.

Both packs of the Nottingham


Will give you a nice big, hoppy American style IPA.


Bulk prime with 150grams Dextrose/Sugar


Approx -

6% ABV,

OG 1.058,

FG 1.015,

IBU 54.


If you're game, you could chuck in some (or all) the Cascade as a dry hop..

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Thanks Newtown, but I actually just got some clarification on the 2 kit set up. Apparently 2 kits, IE 2x draughts are considered toucan brews, and tend to turn out quite bitter. Each can has 32 IBU's, So ive completely ignore what I said earlier about not buying anything, and ordered 500g of Crystal malt 40(needed a capper anyway).... Dont know yet how much I will use, but think it could balance out the bitterness a little bit. Was thinking a little like this


2x Draught

1lb(.484 KG Crystal Malt)

.24 DME

.484 kg of the D-90


And hops hops hops!

I might actually take your hop proposal, Maybe 25 Chinook and 15 Mouteka, then dry with the cascade.


Whatcha think?

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