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Leftover Lager


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The other day I was lucky enough to score one of the $55-00 K Mart Coopers Microbrew kits[happy]

What to do with the Lager tin???

I had read that a few others also face the same issue.

Tonight I put down the following with leftovers out of the brewing cupboard.


1 tin Coopers OS Lager

500g Coopers Light Dry Malt

300g Dark Dry Malt

300g Dextrose

75g Crystal malt steeped 30 mins

25g Saaz steeped 25 mins

Coopers yeast Rehydrated

OG 1042

Any comments please as to what anyone thinks how this may turn out.[unsure]






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I sure hope that it turns out better than the plain old lager,

I was thinking of dry hopping this current brew but not sure with what , maybe the Saaz will be enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[cool]

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Thanks Hairy,I thought that the dark malt would put an interesting twist on the colour. The colour is..... interesting, somewhere between the colour of the Yarra River and the River Murray but the smell of the crystal malt and the Saaz was fantastic[love]As a stout drinker I dont mind the colour one bit. I still have another 2 cans of lager so in the coming months I will see what else might fall out of the brewing cupboard into the FV![sideways]

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Well, I bottled the leftover lager last night and I am pleased to say that it doesn't taste like the Nepean River or used nappy water.

It certainly is an improvement over the original lager + BE1 recipe.

Will see what its like in a few weeks time when its carbed up a bit. Interesting colour with the 300g of Dark malt as well as 500g of light malt and the Saaz definitely makes it more appealing. [happy] I am pleased to say it tastes nothing like West End Draught or VB[pinched]

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I couldnt wait 2 weeks, so I tied a bottle last night. Fantastic, great head and the taste is nothing like the Lager with BE1. It should be even better in the coming weeks/months if it lasts. All is well that ends well in the pursuit of using the leftovers from the brewing cupboard.Interseting to note, I went to Big W to get a EB kit to do this Easter weekend and the one kit that was sold out was the Lager kit, but on this forum, I , like others, dont seem to be too keen on it. Interesting!

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I actually did an experiement with the lager kit. i did the fruit salad ale as per the recipe with the pale ale can and at the same time also did a second brew using the same recipe with the lager can and s05 yeast instead of recultured yeast. at 6 weeks in the bottle i actually prefer the lager version.[bandit]

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got myself a second DIY kit [bandit] so I now have the OS lager kit. SWMBO really liked that initial "Lager" so I'm thinking of doing it again, albeit a little bit different.....


1 x OS Lager

1 x BE1 as comes with the kit (600g Dex, 400g Maltodex)

500g LDME

250g Medium Crystal

40 g galaxy flowers @ 7 minutes (just want aroma, cos SWMBO isn't a big hop head, and man the galaxy smells great - I have heaps of it too)

kit yeast rehydrated

23 L

Might also add some more galaxy flowers dry hopped (I have a bag, just need to find my marbles)

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