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Heritage Pilsener


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Hey guys, SWMBO got me a can of Heritage Lager and a can of Light Malt Extract a while ago. It's sitting in the brew room while I decide what to do with it (besides brew it of course).


I'm going to wait a few months to do it, so I have plenty of time to get ideas.


I was thinking about turning it into a pilsener, but not sure how it would turn out. I have a butt load of Czech Saaz hops that I could use, and anything else I can easily get.


My plan was to steep a couple of plugs of these for 15mins, then dry hop after a few days.


Has anyone used this kit for those reasons? Or would I be best to just use it as a lager and throw in some different hops and make a pilsener using all extract or with the pils kit?



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Here's the recipe I had in mind:


1x Can Coopers Heritage Lager

1x Can Coopers Light Malt Extract

500g Dried Wheat Malt Extract

28g Czech Saaz @ 30min

14g Herbrucker @ 0min

28g Czech Saaz Dry Hopped

2x 12g Craft Brewer Swiss Lager yeast


From the stats profile it's getting me on par with an American Pislener. I'm just concerned on the taste of it.


I don't know what hop combos work together, i just look at their descriptions and think that would work, but I know that in the real world things can change.

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G'day Smithy, not sure how to turn a lager into a pilsner, but why not try and see what happens. It's all part of the fun [w00t] .

I've done a few pils recently with saaz and they turned out quite nice. Did one of them with hallertau and that was really nice.

Try this one (use the lager instead of the pils if you're feeling experimental)

1 TC Pilsner

1kg LME

500g Corn syrup

15g saaz @15

Kit yeast

23 litres

[love] [love]

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I suppose it all comes down to personal taste some people like the grassy aroma Hence people who use fuggles. At the same time i kind of agree IMO they are good for a 15 to 30 min soak at flame out then strained into FV but whatever floats your boat [cool]

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Hi Smithy. I was just reading about the Little Creatures Pilsener..


A refreshing and elegant lager styled on the classic European pilsners that use the finest ingredients and enjoy an extended fermentation period. Tasmanian Hallertau, New Zealand Pacifica and Czech Saaz hops are added throughout the brewing process giving a light flavour and crisp Bitterness. 4.6% alc
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Ooo that pretty much looks like my recipe (kinda [lol] )


Good find, thanks for that!


After some thoughts, I'm still not sure where to go with the kit, I'm thinking I could keep it for a lager and buy a pilsener kit and do something like THIS


But it's still a few months away yet, so I'm still inhaling any and all information you guys have to offer [biggrin]

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