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EKG hop recipe please


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Hi All

Ive got about 60gm of East Kent Golding that I need to use.

Has any one got a nice recipe that they want to share so I can use them. Maybe something on the lines of an english ale.

I made SMOTY ale a couple of months back, so not this one!!

Ingredients are no issue, so any suggestions are welcome.


thanks in advance.

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Sorry mate id love to be able to help but as it is i am struggling for Quality ingredients that i dont have to drive too far for or mail order. My last recepie an American ale was made with american hops and yeast etc. My next brew is an english ale sort of but just coopers INT Pale Ale yeast and can as base. My ideas were



200 grams Crystal Malt (30 min steep)

500 gram Light Dry Malt Extract

1 KG Dextrose

25 or 30 Grams EKG dry hop on day 3 or when Krausen subsides.

If you could use an English Ale yeast unlike me it would make all the difference. Alot of people on here dont like dextrose only malt but i love to use it for alcohol then add extra grain and hops for my flavour whatever worksfor you mate. [biggrin]

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You can try an English Special Bitter; the EKG will go nicely.


1 x Coopers English Bitter kit

1kg Light Dry Malt

200g Dextrose (optional)

200g Crystal Malt

30g EKG @ 10 minutes

30g EKG Dry Hop

Kit yeast or S-04 or Windsor


This will use up your hops and make a tasty beer.

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I know what you mean about getting quality ingredients, my only real option is mail order. I get brew kits from the local iga and woolworths but thats it. Even the local supermakets are very limited on kits that they stock.


thanks for the suggestions, but I think im going to do Hairys. With the S-04 of course.


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