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Topaz/Kohatu Pale Ale (?)


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I got bored today and did, well, this:


1.5 kg Coopers wheat LME

1.5 kg Coopers light LME

400g T Fawcett light crystal (steeped)

250g Dextrose


45 min 10L boil with steepings, Dex and 500g (ish) LME



20g Kohatu (AA 6.8) 45 mins, 15g 1 min

20g Topaz (AA 16.5) 30 mins, 15g 1 min



US-05 yeast, STC 1000 set to 18 degrees, pitched at 21 degrees.


OG 1045


I have no idea if this will be any good!


It seems to fit the general criteria for an APA style, so I'll keep you posted.







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Sorry, the calculator I was using wouldn't let me put '0 minutes', so they were listed at 1 minute. I should have corrected that, I added the last hops just before flameout and I let them sit for another 15 mins.


Depending on formulas it should end up at 32 - 40 IBU's and there's 30g of aroma hop. I could dry hop a bit more in a couple of days, but the initial sample was pretty hoppy, I'll sample again and see.

The hops are a bit of an unknown quantity, but they are current season crop which always helps.




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