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german bock


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hi i have seen a recipe for a german bock using 2 tins of coopers european larger kit and dry malt extract .i have 2 questions

1. will i have to use both pkts of yeast or just 1.

2. it doesn't say if to use brewing sugar or can i just use the malt extract.and how do i stop it going into a solid lump like last time i used it.

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Without seeing the whole recipe I would say:


1. I would definitely be pitching both yeast sachets.


2. Use the malt instead of brewing sugar. I add it a little at a time and pick up the FV and swirl it to mix it. You may get a few little clumps but it won't be a solid mass.

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Gday Conrad


Im going to be putting down this recipe over the weekend. Hope this helps.


2 Cans Coopers Heritage Lager

1kg European Lager Enhancer #60

500gm Dark Malt Extract

25gm Hallertau Hops (dry hop method)

2 sachets Saflager S23 Yeast (add both)

Made to 23 litres

Fermentation @ 13C for 3 or 4 weeks (in FV fridge)

Bottled for 3 months (in garage)

Then right to drink (perfect for our guys wknd ... Phillip Island V8s)



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