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Waitabit Wheat Ale

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So after a few brews in a row that aren't worth mentioning let a lone drinking [annoyed] I think I hit on a good one again.[cool]


Waitabit Wheat Ale

1.7 Real Ale

566g Amber Malt (liquid)

300g Dex

200g Wheat malt (cracked&steeped 25mins)

50g Roasted Barley (cracked&steeped 25mins)

25g Nelson Sauvin (steeped 25 mins)

20g Nelson Sauvin (Dry Hopped)

23L water

11.5 US-05 Pitched @ 23C

120g Dex (bulk prime)

OG 1.040 FG 1.010 AVB% 4.5


Strong Flavour, Great Body, Beautiful Aroma!

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Yeah it looks good Chad, the roasted barley would add something I think. Although do you need more than 200g of wheat malt to be a wheat ale?


Is this the beer you posted before and the discussion led to steeping vs mashing wheat malt? (sorry, too lazy to do a search). If so, I guess there were no ill effects. Could you taste the wheat malt?


I will Waitabit for your response.

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Hi Hairy,


You might be right about needing more wheat to call it a "wheat", but I just thought the name rang so well that I had to go with it.[innocent]


This is not the brew I posted about earlier. That one is my Willamette Wheat Ale with 500g of wheat malt. I have yet to bottle that one but it is showing promise. I racked it over to a glass carboy the other day. It is cloudy but like Paul said "who cares?"[cool]

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