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Hey all, my last draught i put down has an infection (off white wine smell and taste), this is the second time iv used us05 and both have gotten infected somehow..


So i picked some more gear up today which included:

1 Coopers Mexican Cerveza

1 OS Draught


I also have on hand:

50g each of Willamette, Centennial and Chinook pellets

500g Dried Wheat malt extract

300g LDME

500g Light crystal malt

and plenty of dextrose.


I was thinking about putting down a twocan with:

The Mexican Cerveza and the Draught can

200g Light Crystal Steeped

25g Centennial dry hopped

Filled to 23L



Any advice/other recipes with my ingredients?



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Give us a run-down of your cleaning and sanitation method/chemicals. Also fermentation method/equipment.


After bottling i fill my fermenter up with tap water and add approx 1/3 a cup of unscented home brand bleach, i let it soak (with my stirring spoon in there too, i aslo give the FV lid a wash) for about a day then give it a wipe down inside with a fresh chux cloth, rinse it out over and over for about 5 minutes with hot tap water to get rid of the chlorine smell, the tap is thrown into the FV after i remove it to let the bleach water drain out, i then rinse that thoroughly too.


I keep the lid on the FV whilst not in use, and before i use it i have a spray bottle with a starsan solution that i spray everything that will come into contact with the wort.


(I have the new DIY FV)


The infection has been the same both times, the wort smells and tastes fantastic the first five days of fermentation and has a great krausen but when it is dying down it just turns into a thick brown sludge on the top and the wort tastes and smells like really bad, off, sharp white wine.


I have a slight suspiscion that i may be introducing the infection whilst i am adding my ingredients to the FV or filling it up with water or something, could a hair falling in the FV result in this? I really want to get past this problem as im finding myself more reluctant to pimp out my brews as much incase i get another infection i really cant afford to throw another $30 at something im going to have to tip down the drain.


P.S what is the correct water to starsan ratio?


Any help would be appreciated,


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Water to Starsan ration is 1.5ml Starsan to 1L water.


Yes a hair or any foreign matter at all can cause an infection. It sounds like the cleaning side is ok. Is there a need to wipe out the FV with a cloth before rinsing?... I never do and just rinse in cold water. Albeit I also use a cheap version of Napisan.


Do you clean and sanitise your mixing/cutting tools as well. i.e. stirring spoon, can opener, jug you use to add water?


How often do you remove the lid from your FV during the fermentation?


How often do you actually move the FV?


What temp are you pitching the yeast at?


How long is it before you have seen a krausen forming from the time you pitch the yeast?


Just a few questions but it all helps to assess your situation.

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I myself for the first time in at least 10years or more on Tuesday had to throw out a brew that cost me about $30. I couldn't believe it when after 10 days fermenting on the 11th day I've gone to keg and bugger me a big white film on top and a big vinegar smell, "Wouldn't put it on ya chips".

Now I've done everything the same as I always do but this time after reading Muddy going on about covering his fermenter with Glad Wrap I thought I'd give it a go.....NEVER AGAIN. Back to the lid and airlock....I missed that sound. Now what has this got to do with this topic, this brew was also done with US05....bad batch of yeast?.....just putting it out there.

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Bill, I dont sterilize my can opener i didnt even think of doing that?


I only open the lid of my FV to dry hop, even then i only lift part of the lid to toss the hops in.


Once i have filled the FV with water i put it straight in the fridge and dont move it untill bottling.


I try to pitch my yeast close to ferment temps but this one was at about 24 degrees.


Usually about 48 hours to see the krausen forming


this brew was also done with US05....bad batch of yeast?

Jason i dont think it was a bad batch of yeast (as much as id love to blame my infections on someone else) because my first sachet was a safale us-05 and the latest was a craftbrewer american ale us-05 sachet


Thanks for your input guys

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I'm sort of clutching on straws here David as it is hard to assess what you are doing without being there of course. When I sit my can in boiling water I usually sit the can opener in the water with it and give it a quick spray of Starsan a minute or so before I am ready to open the can. I doubt this would be your cause but it is possible and I am trying to rule all things out as a process of elimination.


I highly doubt it is the yeast that you are pitching and also doubt a temperature issue. Everything you are doing seem to be fine.


12-48 hours is normal until a krausen. Sometimes mine won't be therer until 72 hours (3 days) and I haven't had any problems.


This is a hard one.... I do suggest though not wiping down the inside as I see no need for this step. Just a rinse should suffice as it should already be clean by this stage.


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