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So was in Coles yesterday and spotted some good looking honey on the shelf.




Whats everyones thoughts on:

a) Using this honey in general (with the honeycomb)

b) Adding it to a recipe, im assuming it needs to in the boil and then strained etc etc


Looking at adding it to either a wheat beer or golden ale, ive got these two recipes in mind:


Dr Smurtos Golden Ale

1 tin Thomas Coopers Sparkling Ale

1.5kg Coopers pale liquid malt extract

500g of honey

15g Amarillo @ 15mins

15g Amarillo @ 5 mins

15g Amarillo dry hopped in secondary

Kit yeast


Honey Wheat Beer

1.5kg Dry Wheat Extract

1.5kg Extra Light Dry Extract

500g honey

0.25kg Caramel Chrystal malt

WB-06 Yeast

Hopped maybe Cascade


Any feedback would be epic.






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I only used honey once and the beer was crap [pinched] ...I haven't felt the need to use it again. Plenty of people on this site use honey though so you should get some good advice.


Maybe you used a Eucalyptus honey its suppose to make beer taste crap, i have never used Euc honey only Clover or Manuka so i cant comment.


I just add it to the warm wort and along with the liquid malt and stir it in until it disolves.


That link with all its Scientific Mumbo Jumbo was totally discredited by a brewer who uses honey extensively, and i personally have never had a problem with honey at all, i am only using about 400g and not 5kg to a 5gallon brew. I only use it in my Trappist styles but may do a honey brew like a Beez Neez or the like.


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I used Yellow Box as my options were limited. It was to make the Strawberry Clover Ale from this site but that is a very rare style of honey so I found the lightest honey I could as per the advice I had at the time.


But that was ages ago and I am yet to get the urge to use honey again.


Yellow Box so there may have been your problem [crying]but i dont know for sure as i dont want to spoil a batch of beer trying to discover why Euc stuffs it up. I am going to try Leatherwood from Tassie next.


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So PB you dont recommend using this honey or just not using the actual honeycomb in the brew?


I was going to combine it into a boil and strain before adding to the FV.


Thinking about this further i doubt the honeycomb even adds to the flavour, i guess the marketing team from the honey supplier has got me sucked right in.

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