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Just now, Classic Brewing Co said:

This thread was requested by  @jennyss so I am happy to pass on some tips on the topic.

I will attach a few of the Internet first & describe my thoughts in more detail.

The Ultimate Guide to Smartphone Photography (96 Best Tips)

Smartphone Photography: The Essential Guide (+ 15 Tips)

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32 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:


To keep things simple, I would suggest some of the most basic steps in achieving great shots from your mobile phone.


This would be the just as important as lighting, exposure & composition.


Try to get the sun behind you as shooting into the sun or direct light will greatly reduce your chances of a great shot. Avoid clutter in the background; for example, you don't want to take a photo of your beer with the ironing board or dirty dishes in the background.

Learn the various exposure modes in your camera & adjust it to the current situation. Pay attention to the surface where your object is placed, there is nothing worse than spill marks, greasy or dirty tables, bench tops etc.


Try to be creative & position your subject rather than centre it, this can offer a more pleasing composure such as trees, plants on the side of the shot & it will lead you into the main subject.

This is known as the Rule of Thirds.

Keep your camera steady & align the horizon, most modern phone settings include grid marks, floating shutter buttons & a horizontal guide & also a best shot light that lights up when you are about to shoot. If you can take several shots so you have a choice of photos to choose, you can always delete them afterwards.


After your shot is taken, examine if it looks how you want it as there are various post shot enhancements available on most phone like auto or manual correct, this enables you to straighten, crop, brighten, adjust contrast or sharpen etc. Most phone are capable of taking great shots but a little care of knowledge of your phone's capabilities will help immensely.


If you take the time to learn your cameras settings & experiment with all of the settings your shots will improve. An example of this is if you want to take a shot of your beer on the bar & the background is cluttered you can use Portrait mode & it will blur the background & focus on your subect.

This is only the raw basics, there are so many factors & situations that can create great shots. 

I hope this help's a bit, please feel free to ask any questions. There are others that could also help.




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