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Chipotle ale


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Whats crackin' ladies and gents

Well I suppose this is technically my first post aside from my intro which i don't really count[happy]

I did a search but nothing came up so I thought I'd ask.

I have just bottled my first brew ever, coopers pale ale, a couple of days ago which brought me to my current dilemma... what next!

I had a few thoughts flowing through my head and have boiled my brain wort down to a couple of choices:

A caramel ale

or a

chilli ale

now im really starting to wonder how to make a chilli ale,

What ive found on other sites is getting me confused about when and how to add the chilli, some say in the fermenter some say before and some say in the bottle[unsure]

well anyway i think im starting to go a bit off topic

what I'm actually asking is how would I go about adding some chipotle's i think the smokey flavour would be nice along with the spice

thanks in advance



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I live for chilli but decided long ago I'd give a miss to trying it in my beer. I've tasted commercial chilli beers and have found them somewhat underwhelming.


I haven't really got any tips for you sorry Corz [biggrin] ...hopefully someone else will have something for ya.

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cheers guys

i'll do some more thorough searches in the future tho :)

thankryou for pointing me in the right direction it helped a lot now i just cant wait till payday so i can make it

strawberry topping and milo...different lol

cheers again


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