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A Cider Question

Beer Loving Trent

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I have told the wife that I would brew some cider (because she doesn't drink beer, so all the more for me[cool], she doesn't drink much at all really) I don't think she would be to keen on apple so I thought I could add 2 litres of fruit juice to the mix as long as it was 100% and I would put in two litres less of water. Would this work as I now most juices and cordials on the market are usually apple based anyway. She has asked for orange mango but I don't know if the acidity of the orange juice would throw off the fermentation process or not. I did find a nice apple/mango fruit juice and I suggested apple/blackcurrent but she doesn't like it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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This should not be hard..


Apple & Mango would work fine. citrus and pineapple juices will turn sour(ish) unless you keep them to less than 50% of total (according to OzTops).


Also, you want no added sugar, pasteurised juice, ie: long life juice or juice that is sold on the shelf not in a fridge.



Fill your fermenter with the desired amount of juice, sprinkle a neutral flavour yeast eg: neutral wine yeast, muntons gold(?). Or use a Coopers ale yeast.

Allow it to re-hydrate for say an hour, give it a good stir, prime bottles as per normal, condition for 2-3 weeks.


Alcoholic, same as above with the addition of sugar (or malt?), the amount depends on your desired alcohol volume, then ferment and bottle as normal.

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Wouldn't the yeast that you add then convert all of the natural sugar in the juice into alcohol. I couldn't be sure but I thought that this would then cause a potential bottle bomb hazard.


You may be correct. However I am thinking the "natural sugars" that are fermentable are quite low, hence recommending those juices with no ADDED sugar. Similar to making the Coopers's non-alcoholic ginger beer.



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