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Adding Pilsner Malt


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Morning all. Think I may have made a bit of a boo boo the other day.. it was late, I was half cut, ended up doing a grain addition to a Pale Ale kit. Which was recipe as fillows




250g (there abouts)Carapils

250g (there abouts)Wheat malt (grain)

250g Light Crystal (60)

500g Pilsner malt

400g DME

150g Dex

umm... possibly something else too.. no notes but used pretty much everthing I had laying about[innocent]


I thought the pilsner malt was actually Pale Malt.. oops


Mashed in at 67 and out at 63..(60 min) I was happy with the temps in general but since have read that pilsner malt "can benifit" from a D rest for half hour and from what Ive read should mash in low (63ish) and raise the temps with the D reast in the middle with the Mash out at 67.


Seems I did it backward.. er.. whats that gunna do?


It's only a small amount so she'll be right yeah?


OG came out at 1050 @ 26Lt, repitched washed US-05 and it took off overnight, nice krausen and after 24 hours had dropped 12 points.


Pretty happy with process, this was a kind of a test of equipment and process more than anything so just wondering if there are opinions on what/if I did anything wrong.


I do love to experiment though[cool]





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[rightful] This is one of those little golden rules - Don't drink and brew [rightful]


A "D rest" is normally the term for Diacetyl Rest during fermentation.


Do you mean Protein Rest, one of the steps in the decoction mash profile??


A Protein Rest is recommended when using malted grain that is not fully modified.


However, I'm tipping the malt probably is fully modified. If not the small amount used (500g), compared to the total fermentables is not significant enough to have an effect.



EDIT - you did bring the wort (from the grains) to the boil, yeah?

and at 26litres the bitterness will be quite low - I assume that you boiled some hops.


BE1 has maltodextrin at the rate of 40% - no need to add this when you're using various grains.

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Ha.. yeah sorry.. Protien rest[pinched]


and yes the grains were most certainly boiled with 10g POR just to up it a bit.. Planning on dry hopping probably about 20g cascade and 20g Chinook (or some such.. not fixed yet)


Thanks PB.. you know how it goes, do it all, sober up and think about it... then worry till the bloody thing comes out and is carbed up[lol]



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