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Stout stopped bubbling


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I started an irish stout on saturday .

I used cooper irish stout can and a can of coopers dark malt extract .


This being Tuesday and its stop bubbling , does that sound about right .


Any wisdom greatful recieved .




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What do your Hydrometer readings say? Thats what you want to be paying attention to. Forget about the airlock bubbles.... it means very little.. The Hydrometer is your friend.



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Yep, I agree with Bill - Get rid of the airlock. They don't really serve a purpose.


Trust your hydrometer [rightful]


I recommend (ad nauseum [innocent] )getting rid of your hydrometer and your lid and just using a piece of glad wrap affixed with the o-ring from the lid. This way you can see in the top and take samples or move your fermentor without worrying about sucking liquid from your airlock into your brew. The air will escape on its own.

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