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Secondary fermentation duration.


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Rather partial to either Authentic IPA or my ESB [love] because there so simple to brew and taste awesome!


Anyway... brews usually get around 10 days in the primary FV (to help clearing) at a steady 21 deg thanks to my heating belt.


Then bulk primed with 8g of Dex (not 9) per litre and into flip-top glass bottles.


Now the question: I leave these at +18 deg for 2 weeks then if there's any left [devil] into my cold store which is around 5 - 10 deg C.


What are the advantages / disadvantages of either reducing this intial bottling stage (the +18 bit) to 1 week or increasing to 3? [innocent]

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There are no disadvantages by extending the carbonation stage as you'll just be more certain of good carbonation but if you reduce it you risk not having adequate carbonation.


EDIT: I probably used the word "carbonation" too many times in that sentence [biggrin]

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