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$5000 holy cow [surprised That would want to be one awesome beer and a life time supply of sexual favours for that price. I hope they eventually post a youtube video of this thing in action. Wonder what the specialty of this contraption is? I think my $80 homebrew kit will do the job just fine thanks [cool]

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This is very interesting !

I think we can all learn from this as homebrewers.

It makes a professional beer because of

1. Precise fermentation temperature control

2. A method to seperate the yeast/trub from the beer.

3. Clarification of the beer by cooling and using an agent.

4. Sanitary conditions - closed FV


Any one game to try fermenting in a corny keg!


I think they will do will in the USA.

I've spend $2000 on my HB setup will keg's, Frig, CO2 bottle, burner, large kettle etc etc


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quote "more than a third of New Zealand males had tried home-brewing, but many had given up because of the time involved and the low-quality beer they produced"


If they had tried Coopers, they would now be $5646 better off!

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