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Gday Guys just put down a brew and i was wanting some opinions on how it will turn out...

1.7kg Coopers Real Ale Kit (Used By 10/09/2012)

1kg Coopers Brewing Sugar

1kg Grape and Grain Light Malt Extract

US-05 Yeast

20grms Cascade Hop Pellets Boiled for 10min.


and the recipe was


1.7kg Kit Added

Brewing Sugars Added

Light Malt Extract Added

19L of Water Added

2L of Wort Boiled

20grms of Cascade Hops Added and boiled for 10 min

Mixed and Topped up Fermenter to 23L

Yeast reconstituted into cream by added Packet to 200ml Of Water for 30min

Pitched Yeast at 24.9\xb0

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