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I give in the only way i am going to ger a PLASTIC HYDROMETER, is to buy a complete kit. This raises a problem. What an i going to do with a Lager can?

What sort of ale can you make with it. I don't want to wait untill winter to use it.

Any good repices?[pinched]


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I have heard the Lawnmower Lager is pretty good.


1.7kg Coopers Lager

1kg Brew Enhancer 1


Mix in 3 litres of hot water then top up to 25 litres.

You probably know the rest.

I think the new kits come with BE1 now instead of Brewing Sugar. Being made to 25 litres it is probably one of the larger lager recipes going around [lol]


The lager brew I made when I got my kit is tasting very nice atm after 2 and a half months in the bottle.

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