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Regency Park Red Ale question re: 2 yeasts????

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I'm just starting to brew the Regency park Red Ale.  Only my second brew ever - so I'm a bit raw. Do I need to add the 2 supplied yeasts - The one that came with the can of Thomas coopers family secret amber ale, or do I only add the separately included "brewing yeast English Ale". The instructions state the "Coopers English Ale Yeast". So maybe only that?


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1 hour ago, theyabbyman said:

Hey Popo,

It is great. Much better than the lager. Pleasant rich flavours and a beautiful dark colour.


Hey @theyabbyman just looking at your avatar reminds me of years ago ( feels like centuries ) when we used to pull yabbies out of the tanks/river in a Dip Tin using soap as bait, they used to be as big as Longnecks in those days.


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