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  1. I'm just about to do my 2nd brew - the Regency Red Ale https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/coopers-regency-park-red-ale.html?utm_campaign=278765_DIY Beer April&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Coopers Brewery Ltd&dm_i=4FT9,5Z3H,1S6AX5,MBOV,1# It talks about using a mesh cloth: "In a good size pot (around 5 Litres) bring 2 litres of water to approximately 60-70°C, add the crushed Carared Malt (we recommend wrapping in a mesh cleaning cloth, pulled straight from the wrapper) and let steep for about 30 minutes." What are the experts latest recommendations on using a mesh cleaning cloth or alternative? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the tips guys, if I try it'll just be for science!
  3. I'm also interested in the result. NOW I have an even more INTRIGUING question. I've recently restarted brewing after a break of god knows 15 to 20 years. In my cellar in a plastic sealed box I found a Coopers stout malt extract. The can looks pretty good - a tiny bit of surface rust and perhaps a slight bulge. Its a constant temperature of 21 to 23 degrees. BUT and this is a big BUT, the use by date is 5/8/2007 ! What do you think guys? Should I grab some fresh yeast, brew it up and see how it goes? Sniff, taste and if it seems OK, then bottle it ???? I've never really tried any complex brews, the instructions just say add a kilo of sugar and the yeast, mix, wait a week or 2 and then bottle with sugar? Should I try it? Should I use a Coopers brew enhancer instead of the sugar in the FV? I also stumbled across some old PET bottles and caps - again they must be over 15 years old. Would they be any good? So should I experiment or bin the lot and spend $50 for another fresh extract and PET bottles and caps. I don't want to scab some doh and waste my time, but I'm highly interested in your opinions, feedback and experienced wisdom........
  4. Wow, Woke up this morning to all this great advice. Thanks for all the tips lads, I'm looking forward to this but will wait a few more days before bottling! Might even do a bottle each day and see the difference over a few days!
  5. Oh, forgot to say I'm using a new standard kit with the Coopers Lager and brew enhancer 1. Temperature has been stable around 23 to 23.5
  6. So I'm new to this game and getting excited about bottling soon (7 days in the barrel). I decide to check a bit more on the best time to bottle and there's heaps of info in the forum. Thanks guys, but can I just check - does "cold crash" mean BOTTLE? And it also sounds like I shouldn't rush into the Cold Crash..... Is that correct? Cheers, Yabby
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