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Woolies orColes bought honey for mead


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Was wondering if anyone in Australia has had any luck with making decent meads using honey from Woolworths,  Coles, Aldi etc..

I've been using honey from a beekeeper, it's lovely don't get wrong, but was thinking if there was a I guess a "cheap and nasty" honey that produces reasonable results for your mead I would give it a try.

it really isn't even about the cheap side of things (seriously lol), as honey is really sort of the same price anywhere you go, really just a matter of convenience 🙂

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Most of the honey in stores is pasteurised, not sure how that affects mead?

also, most is a blend of honey, including sugar syrup sometimes, and is not pure honey. You can’t tell if you get crystals on it in the jar. Honey will never do that. 

id stick with the beekeeper 

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