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  1. That's an excellent explanation of what i'm facing, thanks Sheamus. I reckon those figures will be a bit too bitter for me, i might try to brew 15 or 16 litres just to bring down the IBU. Brewmaster states it will be in the high 50's low 60"s, still a bit bitter?
  2. Hey any advice you guys add when it comes to toucan or 12 litre recipes? Like i'm assuming we should be adding more adjuncts to match up it with the heavier extract concentration vs water etc. I've read about a real ale toucan/12 litre recipe on the coopers community, which is what i want to do. I think the recipe was 500 ldm and some sort of hop, cascade i think. I think the amount of ldm was to counter balance the bitterness of the toucan. Also thinking of doing a dark ale, same principle 500 ldm and maybe add some kent goldings and fuggles (i'm gonna add that to the real ale too). normally add 30 g of any given dry hops, and that seems to give me the level i hops i prefer. You wouldn't add more hops to a toucan just because it's a toucan right? it's less water? but again might be wrong, hence my inquiry
  3. Thanks everyone for your input, it's much appreciated
  4. could you use that saflager yeast with other extract cans, apart from the lager ones? i'd assume so... and also could you get away with just bottle conditioning a lager for your 2 weeks, then just put in the fridge to drink afterwards? i'm impatient but it's more so to do with the fact i won't have the cooling capabilities to keep them at those temp levels for so long.
  5. i have decided i do like lagers as i've drank them my whole life, and after trying commercial ipa's etc, too hoppy for me (i didn't care too much for pale ales prior too_ but i appreciate it for what it is after my brewing experience. i've been happy with the results of the coopers draught tin lately, and i've been adding 250 g of ldm, and lately dry hopping with 30 g of cascade. simple recipe, but it suits my simple palate and it tastes good. just looking how i can continue to progress this base recipe in the right direction. i do have the capabilities to brew at 12 or so degrees, would you recommend finding a lager yeast, and i could still use this with the draught tin? also more yeast is better with ldm? might be a selling a point for me. do we know why?
  6. Was wondering you guys' thoughts on the value of using alternative yeasts to the one provided with the Coopers tins. How much do you think it has improved your beer? Or has it not improved your beer at all? Have seen that us 05 is a very popular alternative, but I've also read that yeast that Coopers provide us pretty decent too.
  7. Good to hear it's not so common, can't imagine it would be that good for the beer
  8. the crazy thing about home brew, and other hobbies i guess, is that you can do all the research in the world on a subject, as i thought i did with dry hopping, and something happens that you didn't account for lol. was wondering if it was the open glass and how it dropped. thanks ozdevil, peace of mind
  9. Hey all, Did my first dry hop today on day 4, and after i placed the hop bag into the fermenter, it appeared to sink (weighed down by small heavy glass container, bit bigger than a shot glass?). Afterwards, initially a little foam was developing where i dropped it in and i could hear a little szzzz going on. Came back a few minutes later, and saw it had foamed to cover the whole top of the beer (not high or anything), sort of similar to when it krausens. Any issues with this? i was reading the hops can sort of start a bit of reaction in the beer, but worried maybe i oxidised it? Smelled amazing though lol
  10. Yeah my dad still puts his glasses in the fridge lol. I'll give this a go, I guess I just need to be more aware of the glasses I'm using. Thanks ...
  11. How do you guys look after your beer glasses; wash clean etc? And you chill your glasses before use? Bit worried about doing that as I only have one fridge and it's full of food. Worked in bars for a decade and I know that's not a long term thing to do. But I do know that chilled glasses are a necessity in a bar. After chilling my glasses, I noticed a total difference in the appearance of my beer. Literally just then . Actually posted a thread just before about carbonation and flat beer and deleted it, didn't want to waste anyone's time lol. I haven't worked in hospo for a long time now and thought hey wait up, is it the glass? Lol...
  12. Lol, actually funny you asked. I have a long bottling hose and the beer wasn't flowing properly, gravity disagreeing with me, and was doing it manually to top some of them up. Lesson learned, gonna cut that hose tomorrow...
  13. Noob question sorry lol. If you open a full beer bottle you've recently primed say a few hours ago, then put the bottle cap back, it will still carbonate as normal? Bottled my beer a couple of hours ago. They were a bit full looking, and read about headspace being important for the carbonation process, so made some headspace in the bottles to make it about and inch and a bit.
  14. So do you find lager more blander than draught?
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