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Rice malt syrup


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I was thinking of doing a beverage for SWMBO...


Has anyone brewed with rice malt syrup?

I've heard that it has less body but turns out very refreshing.

What sort of head it produces?

Also, does it turn out watery? Does it need something else?


I was thinking something along the lines of...


3 or 3.5kg Rice malt syrup??

20g Nelson Sauvin 60mins

20g Nelson sauvin 15mins

20g Nelson sauvin 5mins

S-189 Ferment 12 degrees celsius ??

20g Nelson sauvin Dry hop


I would call it Miss Sauvin if it works well.

Would like to hear any suggestions for this.



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I could be wrong but I think it's meant to be used more as an adjunct to the malt, rather than the entire makeup of the fermentables. In other words, you'd use something like 3kg LME then use 500g rice malt syrup to help thin it out a bit.


Given this stuff is generally used in flavourless Asian lagers which I can't stand, I've never bothered to use it myself, so I'm only guessing with the above comments.

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Cheers Otto.


Yes, I've heard it doesn't leave much, if any flavor.

But also, I've heard that yeast love it but may produce low FG's

I could go the Canadian blonde and maybe use 0.5 - 1kg rice malt syrup instead?

This would still be a lady like beer (if you could call it that)


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