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Cream Ale

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Hey All,


I just started sampling a Cream Ale I put down in April. Well, I must say it is quite nice and refreshing. Cream Ales are an American style ale that is light in body and colour with light bittering and very little aroma/flavour.


This one is a good choice of brews for someone looking for a lager style beer but using an ale yeast.


3.0Kg Pale ale malt

.7Kg DME Light

.25Kg Carapils

12g Perle 8.6% 60mins

5g Willamette 5.2% 60mins

5g Cascade 5.3% 10mins

5g Cascade 5.3% 5mins



OG 1044 FG 1006

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Looks like a nice easy drinker Chad. Did you mash that fairly low?


And you didn't want to use any adjuncts? I have a recipe for one at home (from BYO I think) and it calls for corn.

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Hey Hairy,


I believe I Step-mashed @ 50C for 30mins and 65C for 30mins. I didn't write it down in my final notes but I did jot it down in my recipe brainstorm.


I was planning to add 500g rice syrup in stead of the DME into this one but when I got to the grocery store I found out they didn't stock it any longer so I went without.

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