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Peroni recipe?

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The Euro Lager kit would be the one to go for. I don't have a recipe for Peroni but you could try the following for a Euro lager:


1.7kg Coopers Euro Lager

700g Light Dry Malt

300g Dextrose

250g Carapils

21 litres

Lager yeast (eg. S-23, S-189 etc)


You could also throw some Hallertau or Saaz hops in there.


The main thing is the fermentation with a lager yeast. You will need to be able to keep a stable temp around 12 degrees. If you haven't got any temp control then you would be best waiting until winter or giving the lager yeast a miss.


You could always brew it with US-05 and try to keep the temp around 16-17 degrees. It won't be a lager though.

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